At Home With: Klangstof

Klangstof, the Amsterdam based alternative outfit, have been making waves in Europe and beyond since the band formed in 2015. With every record they release, Klangstof reflect their willingness to explore new sonic avenues and evolve artistically. With an ear for beautiful melodies and unique taste in instrumentation, Klangstof put out simultaneously exciting and soothing music.

Klangstof joined us for this week’s installment of At Home With and curated a playlist of some of their favorite tracks. It includes a wide-ranging array of songs that reflects some of the music that influences the Klangstof sound.

Give At Home With: Klangstof a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Palace – Gravity

I just came back from a mini-holiday in Holland and this was my on-the-road soundtrack. Love the little hook at the start of the song and the slightly offsetting but still chill chord progression.

2. Another Sky – Chillers

This song is amazing. Just recently discovered this band and I’m hooked. Love the production. The production is super interesting. It has this acoustic guitar driving the song while all the “rockier” elements are pretty far back in the mix which creates a very haunting vibe. + These vocals are epic.

3. Men I Trust – Organon

We used this one as a main reference for our Ocean View track. The song really feels like it’s going in slow motion. And the detuned synth-pads create this beautiful wave of magic throughout the whole track. 

4. Pluralone – Mourning

I had an intern working with me for the majority of last year and he had such a great taste in music. He showed me this track by Pluralone and I was immediately hooked. It reminds me a bit of Sonic Youth meets Grizzly Bear. The chord progression is super interesting. Love that stuff. 

5. Eefje de Visser –  de Parade

Needed to put a Dutch song on here as well. Eefje de Visser is an incredible musician from Holland and I really think it’s something that everyone needs to check out! 

6. Megaphonic Thrift – Tune Your Mind

This is another one of those bands that deserve way more attention. This track has 25k streams on Spotify. I remember seeing them live when I was in Norway and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever gone to. It is a super melodic shoegaze band. A lot of interesting sounds, but still very strong melodically. Like!

7. Crumb – Locket

By far my favorite spring-band. I think Crumb has been my most streamed artist in March for the last 4 years in a row. Makes me wanna go out and be cool. Love how the whole sound goes from lo-fi to ‘normal’ at the 1:24 mark. 

8. Lowly – baglaens


9. The Smile – The Smoke

Love this tune by the Smile. I feel like Thom Yorke is just having some good fun again, which I sometimes miss in some of Radiohead’s latest work. It has this punky-edge to it. A bit less polished and also very unique in its use of instruments on this one with the brass sections. Big like!

10. The Acid – Creeper

I haven’t been to a club in ages, but this one makes me wanna go again. super interesting mix with some elements being WAAAAY too loud. Kind of reminds me of some of the stuff that LCD Soundsystem also does. Those little unconventional production choices are always great fun to listen to even though it sometimes scares the sh*t out of me. Hehe

11. sir Was – Before the Morning Comes

sir Was is one of those producers and artists I really appreciate. It is all very Swedish, which is the best compliment ever. Another one of those epic spring tunes.