At Home With: Justin Jay

In anticipation of our December 4th experience, The Fantastic Voyage… (GET TICKETS)

Justin Jay is one of the most innovative and energetic producers to emerge from the genre-redefining wave of 00’s House music.

Justin Jay continues to grow with every release, trailblazing his own sound and inventing new ones by combining key elements of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Dance music. What started in a college dorm room, has since become a figurehead force behind the DIY aesthetic and the whole project continues to inspire listeners, well, everywhere.

Check out the playlist that he curated for us here at the K to get a sneak peek at what he listens to and hear some tunes from his talented friends.

Give At Home With: Justin Jay a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Oil-J, Justin Jay – Colors

Showing your true colors is what music is all about. As a crew, the goal is for us to have the safe space to do that. Oli-J is an amazing singer, an incredible songwriter, and overall an inspiring human.

2. – Benny Bridges – Lucky Penny

When I first met Ben, he was a jazz guitar kid who was down to shred on top of house beats. Over the past five years, he’s given production/singing/songwriting a chance and has really come into his own as an artist. This is one of my favorite songs of his, lead track off his debut album “The Duck Tape.”

3. Ulf Blonde – Brother Pina

Ulf was my Swedish DJ/producer friend in college. We lived together for 2 years and this song became an anthem for us. Because he couldn’t find a label for it, this song played a big part in motivating the launch of Fantastic Voyage. Such feel-good energy!

4. Sam von Horn – With You

Sam was my high school DJ partner. He was always the cool guy with the hippest taste. He self released this song on SoundCloud the year before we started FV. We reconnected around that time and I heard all of this amazing music he’d been creating after taking a break from production. I was blown away and this song off his debut “Zone Ep” still holds a very special place in my heart.

5. Danny Goliger – Counting flowers

Danny, who I’ve gone to school with since 7th grade (and also plays drums/keys in the FV band) is one of the most intelligent, discerning producers I know. While he knows way more technical stuff than I ever will about production, he’s still able to channel his emotions through his music. “Counting Flowers” is one of my favorite tracks off his debut album, “Meaningful Pursuits.”

6. jayjaylee – Right, Right. Right?

Jay and I’d friendship began in middle school, pwning noobs on halo 2. A few years back, he decided to give making music a try despite juggling and intense 9-5. This was one of the first songs he finished and it’s just so dope. I love how his taste shines through even without a ton of technical knowledge. Big fan.

7. PVLMS – Steps of You

PVLMS wrote this song in dedication to a beloved feline companion who is no longer with us. There’s so much emotion in this instrumental electro beat and it gets me every time.

8. Josh Taylor – Talk

Josh has been one of my biggest musical inspirations, especially when it comes to singing and songwriting. He played a pivotal role in awakening my own interest in lyrics and vocals, something I’d thought very little of in the first few years of my DJ/producer journey. He was the guy singing and writing songs on the ukulele, and I thought it was the coolest thing how he could win someone’s heart with just a uke and his voice. We ultimately started Fantastic Voyage as a way to facilitate our musical collaborations as well as our musical independence. “Talk” is a track off his forthcoming album “Breakfast in Bed” and it’s absolutely insane.

9. Henry Was – I’ll Be With You

Henry is the man. He was the guy who made me realize how cool rock bands could be. (Cc Thumpasaurus). We became friends at the end of college and this song was one of his very first explorations of house music. It’s beautiful and heart get and make me smile. I believe he wrote it when we were on tour together.

10. Justin Jay, Thumpasaurus – Wayne’s World

One of the few times I’ve gotten to fully collaborate from scratch with my favorite band, Thumpasaurus. I’ve seen them play more times than any other artist. We wrote this song after coming back from Lightning In a Bottle and there was magic in the bedroom studio lol.

11. Benny Bridges – Good Times

Benny Bridges brings the good times!

12. Danny Goliger – Stars

Danny Goliger is a star!

13. Antoinette Van Dewark, Romain FX – Face Paint (Romain FX Remix)

So dope to see how far Romain Fx has come since his debut FV ep (that got played by everyone from DJ Harvey to Skatebard…). He asked if he could remix this amazing tune by Antoinette Van Dewark – the original was one of her very first house songs! I love the international camaraderie and love seeing great artists come together.

14. X-COAST – Jumpin

X-Coast knows how to get the party jumpin. He’s legit one of my fav producers and honored to have had him on FV.

15. Justin Jay – Can’t Hang

We’ve had a lot of amazing times, but also faced some challenging moments. This song is about getting through the tough moments with your friends. It’s a testament to the power of love and support. I wrote this song while facing one of those harder moments, “there’s just too much going on I can’t handle it.” I felt like something was missing, I showed Josh the song and he suggested “…I can’t handle it without you.” Teamwork makes the dream work.