At Home With: Hermitude

Hermitude have been making their own unique brand of electronic music for over a decade now, gradually developing their style and sound along the way. Influenced by Hip Hop, Dubstep, Funk and Pop, Hermitude’s music presents a wonderful combination of all of them.

They teamed up with us here at the Kollection for this week’s At Home With. Keep reading to see what Hermitude had to say about the playlist they curated.

Give At Home With: Hermitude a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

Hey Guys, Luke Dubs here. This is my at home playlist right now. It changes all the time as I’ve been spending a lot of time here, more so than usual actually. Hopefully it gives you an idea of the many moods that I pass through as I spend time here with my family or friends, or just by myself.

The Breakdown

1. Lusaka By Night – John Wizards

I dunno why but this song reminds me of a night market on a different planet. Like Tatooine or something. Swirly and otherworldly.

2. Gymnopedie 1 – Ave Maria

Sometimes when I’m sitting in my lounge room looking out over the treetops, I need something gentle to lean on while I watch the branches sway. 

3. Jump Sturdy – Dr John

A swampy number which needs to be accompanied with some kind of creole cuisine. 

4. Gosh –  Jamie xx

Progressive, hypnotic journeys through abandoned cities (the clip for this song is so good), headphones and eyes closed are recommended.

5. A Love Supreme, Pt 2 Resolution – John Coltrane

I remember reading the last chapter of “Coltrane – A Biography” and he talks about ascending to such a level musically that he no longer heard notes, he just heard frequencies. 

6. Vacetious Blooms – Neotropic

I used to listen to music every night while I was falling asleep. That vocal sample is guaranteed to send you down a slumberous rabbit hole.

7. The Daisy – Ross From Friends

Sombre yet beautiful, I can astral travel in my beanbag with this one.

8. Avril 14th – Aphex Twin

After being led blissfully blind for years through his ambient works, he just decides to step away from his synths and hop on the piano and just casually knock this one out. 

9. Red Room – Hiatus Kaiyote

2am in Brazil? Yes, please

10. Never Be – Wyn

Sometimes the lights reflecting off the wet streets at night paints beautiful pictures as you’re driving by.

11. Joke Ting – Goldlink

Not sure how much love this record got but I feel like it slipped under the radar. This one makes me feel good.

12. Supersonic (My Existence) – Skrillex

My daughter and I have jumped up and down so hard to this one that I think we almost broke the floor.