At Home With: Hablot Brown

Ahead of welcoming them to The Kollection stage this weekend, we’re diving head first into the eclectic listening pool of one of our favorite groups and dear friends: Hablot Brown.

Known for their dreamy instrumentals and heart-soothing vocals, Linus, Austin, and John are hitting the road this October to debut their self-titled album (set for an August release). Sit back and enjoy the songs that bring Hablot Brown to that special place, home.

Give At Home With: Hablot Brown a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

Linus writes,

“All, if not most, of these songs I’ve come into contact with through friends showing me or through organic experiences where they’ve been playing.  The stuff I have enjoyed the most recently has been the music that reminds me of a certain time or place or person…”

1. “Pick Up” – DJ Koze

2. “Tie That Binds” – Drake

3. “The Flower Called Nowhere” – Stereolab

4. “As Far I Can Remember” – Pasteur Lappe

5. “UII B” – Tracy Pearl

“…The two Nujabes tracks were being played in a friend’s car on the way back from the airport when we got back from Indonesia…”

6. “Feather” – Nujabes

7. “Luv(sic.) pt3” – Nujabes

8. “Woo! (Panda Bear Remix) – Remi Wolf

9. “Comin’ Back” – Bent

“…Feel like the point is just that the tracks I’ve been loving are all anecdotal vibes/have something to do with friends…”

10. “Everneverever” – Thomas Fehlmann

11. “Nuevo Mundo” – Hermanos Gutierrez

12. “How Dare You” – St Germain

13. “Magic Love” – Bent

“…The Les McCann track was shown to Austin by his dad and then to me, and the Bent and Thomas Fehlmann tracks were both artists that were privately bonded over with friends…”

14. “With These Hands (Live)” – Les McCann

15. “Goodbye” – Emmylou Harris

16. “Window” – Thomas Fehlmann

Be sure to catch Hablot Brown in Venice on 6/25 with The K and on tour later this year!