At Home With: Gilligan Moss

Gilligan Moss are a duo from Chicago who are establishing themselves as one of the most exciting names in Electronic music.

Their music is an amalgamation of their respective influences, resulting in a distinct & boundary-pushing sound. Growing up in Chicago, Evan and Ben, the group’s members, were exposed to a wide range of different music. This informed their taste and allowed them to build upon a diverse foundation of incredible music when the time came for them to create music of their own. Their kaleidoscopic soundscapes combine elements of funk, house and pop music and countless others to make music that leaves you with no choice but to get up and dance.

This week, Gilligan Moss curated a playlist for us at the Kollection. Apart from just being a perfect playlist to listen to in the morning, it sheds light on the group’s taste and reflects the way in which some of their influences have contributed to the formation of Gilligan Moss’s signature sound.

Check out their annotated playlist below!


“Here at GilMo HQ, we are big fans of morning music. It’s important to ease into a day, and music is the best medicine. Here are some picks of our favorites.”

1. Julia Holter- “Bus to New York”

“New York can obviously be quite loud – filled with the rattle and roar of traffic and construction. Julia, who is a wonderful composer, scores a gentler New York morning.

2. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- “Stratus”

“If the morning sun was a synth, it would be a Buchla- no question. Throw open the curtains and let this song into your bedroom.”

3. Natureboy Flako- “Silver Forest Spirits”

“This tune feels like being gently pulled awake from sleep. It’s respectful to the dreamer, while beckoning the rise of an early morning”  

4. Kadja Bhonet- “Nobody Other”

“This one is for morning lovers. Leaving the comfort of a warm bed can be tough, especially if this tune is in the air.”

5. ford. – “The Color of Nothing”

“ford. is lowkey the god of morning music. This whole record is special, but the opening track really does a wonder on one’s spirits in the morning.”

6. Gilligan Moss- “Lee’s Last Dance”

“We wrote this record to sound like it appears out of a dream. Lyrically it’s a great morning mantra- the urge to take a chance on your day.”

7. Khotin- “WEM Lagoon Jump”

“The sounds of a slow and fuzzy awakening. This one is for morning people still mid-dream.”

8. Benny Sings- “Rolled Up”

“You’d be hard pressed to find a gentler crooner for the morning time. Pairs well with a single-origin coffee ;)”

9. The Vernon Springs- “Mother’s Love”

“Sonic earwash!”

10. Hidden Spheres- “Waiting”

“A favorite of ours. Very gentle, but infused with resolute morning energy”