At Home With: Eagles & Butterflies

This week, we are joined by one of our favorite Indie Electronic producers redefining Pop music on the dancefloor: Eagles & Butterflies.

His 80s anthem-inspired analogue bass lines are sure to get anyone moving and gives new life to a genre that will never go out of style. Days after releasing his “P.H.A.S.E.R.” EP (out now on Permanent Vacation Records), Eagles & Butterflies shares his latest listening pool with us. Strap in and check out what the English-born producer is listening to at home!

Give At Home With: Eagles & Butterflies a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

Labrinth – “Skeletons” 

“Fav producer at the moment, man is a genius!” 

RY X – “Dark Room Dancing” 

“No playlist is complete without a track from RY!”

Flume & Oklou – “Highest Mountain” 

“Love both of these artists and this collab is killa! 

Florence + The Machine – “Morning Elvis” 

“One of my fav artists, her new album is incredible. This one is a heartbreaker.”

Lea Porcelain – “Pool Song” 

“Love the guys and all their music, killer new jam from them. A proper slow burn.”

Tourist – “We Stayed Up All Night

 “My fav tourist track, absolutely dreamy.”

Mike Laser – “Galaxy Express” 

“Found this guy at Bandcamp and love this track so much. Massive 80s vibes”

Laurel – “Scream Drive Faster” 

“Love Laurel, this one is my fav. Pop at its finest!”

Effy – “Not Yours” 

“Absolute screemer ! Love it.”

Bob Moses – “Love Brand New

 “Killa jam from the boys!! “

Fred Again, HAAI, ROMY – “Lights Out” 

“Absolute banger, yet also a heartbreaker.” 

TSHA – “Giving Up

“Class tune from TSHA really love all her music. This one, I think, will be a classic”

Be sure to check out Eagles & Butterflies latest E.P.: P.H.A.S.E.R!