At Home With: CRi

CRi has been making waves in the Montreal electronic sphere, bringing house synths, syncopated snares, and a bassline that feels as innovative as it does relevant. Entirely self-taught, CRi’s first EP “Tell Her” dropped in 2016 and it’s been upward ever since. He’s had no shortage of success, having Juno, MMVA, and PRISM nominations under his belt, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

His most recent single “Signal” pairs CRi’s signature atmospheric sound with Daniel Bélanger’s melodic vocals. “Signal” continues the story of his vibey 2020 project, joining ranks with “From Me”, “Runaway”, and “Never Really Get There”. These songs can be visualized through his intentionally curated cover art, which features a colorful over-saturation of his blurred figure. The images evoke a certain surreal panic, a detachment from reality, and the songs follow suit. Inspired by his anxieties and desire for introspection, his songs feel like a serene psychedelic trip — the calm amidst the chaos.

So without further ado, CRi has thoughtfully curated a playlist this week for us at the Kollection. His picks range from classic house like Moby’s “Go” to fellow Ajunadeep artist Frost’s “Overtones”. His invigorating picks are sure to energize (just like his sets), so get listening! Read CRi’s intention behind each pick and learn about everything from his inspirations to his set staples below.


Romy – Lifetime

My track of the moment, she has been an influence since the first days of The xx. This is a perfect track when I’m drinking a martini. 

Moby – Go 

I grew up with this song, my mom used to play it in the car all the time. Moby is a big part of my musical heritage. I love how he took up the theme from “Twin Peaks.” It’s a masterpiece that you can play at any time. 

Caribou – Never Come Back 

Simply my favorite song of 2020, Caribou is one of my top artists ever and his influence is really important on my work. I feel like this track can crush anytime in a set. 

Joe Goodard – Electric Lines

I love the emotions here. This the soundtrack of my melancholy moments, like when I’m walking alone in the streets

Prospa – The One 

 For some reason, this track reminds me my childhood — really love this one.

Kelly Lee Owens – On

The best track when I’m running. I guess the repetitive aspect of the track gives me a second energy.

Cassian – Open Up (Durante Remix)

This track is a killer remix. The bassline is just so powerful. I feel it’s a good track when you’re gaming.

Pional – Tempest 

One of my favorite club tracks, the arpeggio in this one is still a magnificent mystery to me. 

Four Tet – Baby 

It was my soundtrack of the first lockdown. The percussion and the sampled vox are the highlights to me. Perfect track mid set.

Rae Morris – Do it (Icarus Remix)

I don’t remember how many times I started a set with this remix. One thing’s for sure, it happened very often! Icarus are some of the best producers I know, and I love them.

Frost – Overtones 

This is one of my favorite tracks from Anjunadeep this year. I heard it for the first time when Jody and James played it at Printworks. The vibe was really special. 

Amtrac – Radical feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The combination of these two is just perfect. Amtrac is definitely one of my favorite electronic music producers. The energy in this one is a good mix of melancholy and happiness. The chord progression is really cool. Usually I play it during the first third of a set. 

Faithless- Insomnia 

A classic track, no doubt. I love the massive build up in this one. I feel like it had a big impact on the electronic music scene. I think it fits better at the end of a set, particularly at sunset.

TSHA – Sister

 I really enjoy this masterpiece, even more when I’m driving my car. TSHA is one of my favorite producers of 2020. 

Bicep – Glue 

It’s one of my favorite pieces to finish a set. The rhythmic repetitions combined with the epic and melancholic chords from this track makes for a lofty conclusion. Bicep definitely have influenced my work, and this song is one of my favourites.

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