At Home With: Cosmo’s Midnight

Cosmo’s Midnight’s success stems from their ability to ride the lines between genres as they become blurrier than ever. The Australian duo, consisting of twin brothers Cosmo and Patrick Liney, create electronic music derived from R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and House...

and we love it.

Their 2018 debut album, What Comes Next, fluidly blends the aforementioned genres, ambitiously combining various kinds of music without ever forgoing cohesiveness. It ranges from the funk bassline powered “Talk to Me” with Tove Styrke, to harder hitting, hip hop influenced tracks like “Where U Been” featuring Boogie, and of course, includes ethereal electronic tracks like “Polarised” that make it difficult not to get up and dance. Although Cosmo’s Midnight has been making huge waves in Australia for years now, the brothers are finally getting the global praise they deserve. 

This week, Cosmo’s Midnight curated a playlist for us at the Kollection. Apart from just being a thoroughly enjoyable playlist, it offers insight into the taste of the twins and reflects some of the musical influences that have helped them define their distinct sound. Check out their annotated playlist below!


1. Vera – Take Me To The Bridge ; this track is my go to’s for chore music. It’s never fun fending off chaos with a dustpan but this song helps a lot.

2. Your Grandparents – So Damn Fly ; imagine OutKast and Tyler glued together with some amazing original song writing and production. Lazy and hazy 

3. Lives of Angels – Golden Age ; big new order vibes, I love this style and crave more of it these days. Scrappy but heartfelt. 

4. Niki & The Dove – So Much it Hurts ; so much character in the vocals, kinda getting that Stevie nicks energy. Super catchy chorus too 

5. Jessie Ware – What’s Your Pleasure? ; this track is the rebirth of italo disco. This track has filled a hole left since Donna Summer’s – I feel love. 

6. Charli XCX- claws ; this is charli at her best and my fav of the new record. Fun trancey breakdown  near the end too, always gets me going 

7. Toro y Moi – Still Sound ; I reckon this is still my favourite toro track. Catchy and fun bassline that gets fleshed out as the just rolls on and on. Such a good combo of funk and psychedelic pop that I hope he revisits. 

8. Chassol – Birds, Pt. 1 ; chassol is a really inventive song writer and frank ocean collaborator, this song takes a short sample of bird song and slowly builds it into this amazing dramatic orchestration  

9. Jaco Pastorius – Portrait of Tracy ; this is some of the most creative bass playing; harmonics, chords, it’s all there. Jaco really pushed the bass as a melodic instrument and this song is definitely his best example of that. 

10. King Krule – Cellular ; the intro for this song is so evocative, the wavey delays, rumbling bass. For me this song really embodies krule’s grungy, psychedelic, jazzy style that I fell in love with when I found easy, easy.

11. Little Dragon – Hold On ; been a fan of little dragon since their game changing collab with sbtrkt. It took me a while to listen to their solo stuff though, but it was well worth it 

12. Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) ; if I could figure out how to time this with sunlight pouring in my window every morning I wouldn’t have a bad day for the rest of my life. Euphoric 

13. Brame & Hamo – Roy Keane ; this track is up there with dj koze – the pickup for me. Perfect for those sweaty afternoons into balmy evenings.

14. Mura Masa – Live Like We’re Dancing ; personally my favourite off the new record by Mura Masa. Gives me the same feeling as one more time by Daft Punk, this one’s definitely going to be a timeless classic. 

15. Frank Ocean – Solo ; I could listen to Frank’s word play for ever, but when it’s paired with lovely gospel organ I’m gonna be smashing that replay for years. 

Photos By Sam Whiteside