At Home With: Chloé Caillet

Hailing from Paris, Chloé Caillet is an illustrious DJ and producer who has presided over some of the most renowned dance floors worldwide. Her sound is innovative and eclectic and has made her one of the most exciting musicians in the Electronic scene.

This week, the Kollection teamed up with her for another installment of the “At Home With” series. Keep reading to hear what is on Chloé Caillet’s playlist.

Give At Home With: Chloé Caillet a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. “Taken For Granted” – East Coast Love Affair 

“Summer moment, works early set and also peak time.”

2. “Dancer” – Robert Hood

“I love pretty much everything Robert makes!”

3. “Closer” – Mr. Fingers 

“Balearic heart and soul.”

4. “Sugar Jam” – PVBLICXCESS

“New music from me and Josh Ludlow under our alias – this is from our debut EP. Reactions to this
have been amazing, so good to hear it dropped in the club!”

5. “Cinema” – Pascal Davoz

“Play it loud!!!!”

6. “Wake Up” – Bosq

“This track has everything we need to lift the spirits and open the hearts, pure vibes!”

7. “Love Ain’t Over (Gerd Janson Remix)” – Chloé Caillet

“So grateful that Gerd came on board for this remix. Hear me playing this at CircoLoco this

8. “Sweet in the Morning” – Butch 

“Butch always nails his productions and this sounds sooo good on the DC10 Ibiza terrace.”

9. “Someday” – Mariah Carey, Pettibone

“Summer is here”

10. “Don’t Wanna Get Down” – PVBLICXCESS

“Seeing as it’s our first release as PVBLICXCESS, I had to chuck another one here – this features
afro-disco and soul machine Pat Kalla on vocals!”