At Home With: Anomalie

Anomalie, the Montreal-based musician, is one of the leading voices in the contemporary jazz scene. He modernizes traditional Jazz by adding elements from Electronic music, Hip Hop and more. The Kollection and Anomalie teamed up for this week’s edition of At Home With; keep reading to get an idea of what Anomalie is listening to these days.

Give At Home With: Anomalie a listen. You’ll learn a little more about the artist, the world, and yourself along the way.

The Breakdown

1. Spanish Joint – D’Angelo

I keep coming back to this one since I heard it for the first time. To me this is the definition of timeless music

2. Duo – Sam Gellaitry

I’ve been a fan of Sam Gellaitry since the soundcloud days and have absolutely loved everything he’s put out but as soon as I heard Duo and became my new favorite of his

3. Felted Wool – Slowya.roll

Mitch is killing it. Is there anything he can’t do? He’s a complete artist, incredible musician AND insane visual artist. 

4. A Place in The Sun – Stevie Wonder

Whenever I feel down this is what I listen to – it works wonders

5. Kiss Me More – Doja Cat & SZA

I’m so happy with the state of pop right now. There are so many amazing artist killing it and Doja and SZA are no exception – I’ve listened to this track so much and I still enjoy it as much as I did at first

6. YouNivErsity – TEK.LUN

TEK.LUN is insane. I put this on my running playlist 2 years ago and it’s still there – I feel like I’m able to run faster everytime this one comes on

7. Lua – Jacob Collier feat. Maro

I’m a huge fan of Jacob – I find him incredibly inspiring. Through him, I was introduced to Maro at his live band show in Montreal in 2019 and I just blown away. This song is everything

8. Southern Nights – Glen Campbell

This song to me just screams touring in 2019. I have so many fond memories of late nights with the band in so many amazing cities, and this song would usually start playing at some point when it was getting late – instant smile.

9. Michelle – The Singers Unlimited

This has always been one my favorite Beatles song, but hearing it performed acapella by this incredible choir just took it to another level for me

10. The Worst In Me – Kaytranada

Kaytranada is the goat. I listen to his music all the time, but if I had to pick just one right now this would be it