Asi Kemera is Our Multi-Dimensional Dream Girl in Music Video for “honey bb” Featuring Seiji Oda

As I look through a fish-eyed peephole and lock eyes with a glittering Asi, time and space become irrelevant in her techie-collage music video for

“honey bb”

“honey bb” by Asi Kemera. shot and directed by HASSAN

In her pale pink tube top, plaid schoolgirl skirt and lacy fishnet stockings, Asi Kemera is something of a dream pop babydoll. But as she unleashes her soft croon, my ears perk up and I realize she is a cloud-dwelling siren, inviting me into her tiny bubblegum lair with furry walls and plush stuffed animals. 

honey baby, doing everything you want to / I’ll be waitin’ in that little dress you like

At 20 years old, Asi Kemera is an Atlanta-born stargirl in the making. “Honey bb” is right at home as the latest addition to Asi’s repertoire since the release of her Daydream EP in 2020. “Honey bb” infuses the sensual feminine and the ephemeral to test the waters with a lover in a playful albeit cloudy realm of temptation. On this record, Asi is joined by vocalist Seiji Oda as the pair flirt with desire over luscious harmonies, crunchy percussion and floating chords. One foot in, one foot out, but you know I think you’re cute, right? The result is a succulent pop fantasy soundscape. At 3 minutes long, it’s a delicious soundbite best served on repeat. 

always got my head in the clouds / and you help ground me / it’s just somethin’ about the feeling when you’re around

Like any true artist, Asi is multidimensional. Influenced by R&B, rock, Bollywood and Ethiopian sounds, she achieves a balanced trifecta in her music. She wrote, produced, and sang “honey bb” and collaborated with a cast of Atlanta friends to create the accompanying visual. Nothing about Asi feels forced. Somehow her artistry actually feels effortless, like she’s barely lifting a finger. But as I sail away on the wings of “honey bb” I’m well aware that it’s Asi who carries me into melodic bliss. It’s only up from here.

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