Artists’ Perspective: Splash House (Mark Knight, Yung Bae, Golf Clap, COMPUTER DATA, and Ardalan)

Back to Splash House we go!

We’re excited, you’re excited, and the artists are excited. In our first-ever Artists’ Perspective piece, The Kollection had a chance to ask Mark Knight, Yung Bae, Golf Clap, COMPUTER DATA, and Ardalan what they’re looking forward to this weekend.

House music legend and Toolroom label head Mark Knight has seen nearly everything. In a career spanning two decades, he’s put out classic after classic after classic, toured the globe, and built Toolroom Records into one of the most recognized and well-respected labels in dance music–with a 2019 Ibiza residency at Eden and a radio show just 12 episodes from number 500! But he hasn’t seen everything yet:

 “This is actually my first time playing Splash House…but from speaking with friends of mine who’ve played there it sounds like it’s absolutely amazing. I love the whole outdoor pool party vibe as it gives me the chance to dig a little deeper into my record bag and play some of those soulful, disco-focused records I wouldn’t usually get the chance to. Plus, let’s be fair, everything sounds just that little bit better when you’re outside and dancing in the sun! I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

Couldn’t agree more! Keep an eye out for Mark at the pool parties before he treats us to some disco bliss at Saturday’s Air Museum session, closing out from 12:30 AM – 2 AM.

Speaking of disco bliss, one of the most prolific 25 year-olds in music–Yung Bae–is coming in hot off the release of Bae 5, his fifth LP in five years (3 of them in 2016!). Featuring the sounds and samples of the 70s infused with modern-day energy, this is an act that’s perfectly suited to a summertime boogie in the sun:

“Everyone who’s been [to Splash House] before has nothing but good things to say about it. The fest seems to have a super laid back, summer vibe so I guess I’m just most excited to be a part of that!”

 Something tells us he won’t be sticking with “super laid back” after experiencing this weekend…catch Yung Bae on Saturday at The Renaissance 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM.

After a year spent playing Miami Music Week, Movement Festival, and Spring Awakening, Detroit-based Golf Clap is headed to the desert. Most recently featured on Mark Knight’s Toolroom Ibiza 2019 compilation, this duo is renowned for their high energy sets that salute their Chicago/Detroit classic house roots:

 “Splash House is an event we’ve been paying attention to for awhile now. Our friend Codes told us about a crazy afters in a space museum and everything else we’ve heard sounds mental. Stoked we’re on the lineup this year with tons of our friends. See you in the sun!”

 You can find these two throwing down at The Saguaro stage on Saturday 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Cruising down from San Francisco, Lo-fi maestro COMPUTER DATA is known for his chilled out, airy grooves. Here’s to hoping they’ll be enough to cool off the crowd a bit, because with a forecast like this he is right in saying: 

“[i]t’s pretty hot down there. I’m excited to see a bunch of sweaty people jiggling around in the pool.”

 For the chance to be one of those thriving (surviving) people, make your way over to The Riviera on Sunday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Last but not certainly not least, our friend Ardalan–performing as Escapade with Walker & Royce–delivered our favorite outlook on this weekend’s action:

“I’ve heard that people dance in the pool and they splash water everywhere. I’m excited.”

Escapade will be closing out The Saguaro on Saturday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM with a set that’s guaranteed to be full of signature Dirty Bird stompers, so make sure to splash EVERYWHERE for Ardy 🙂

 See you in the desert!


[Just added to Saturday’s Air Museum lineup, Diplo had this to say (probably): “SPLISH SPLASH SOMEBODY STOP ME”]