Antony & Cleopatra – Hurt Like Hell EP

British house duo Antony and Cleopatra’s newest EP, “Hurt Like Hell” hearkens back to the glory days of British 90’s house music, with the kind of pure dance-inducing beats that keep that electric feeling of your first house show experience alive. Anita Blay’s clear and silky vocals bring classic hard-hitting deep house songs- exemplified by “Hard Feelings” -to a new level. The duo creates the bright sound reminiscent of the drum backings that first established the British electronic scene as a major force in the music world. Perhaps, despite the relatively low streaming numbers, this simultaneously progressive and nostalgic duo will be responsible for a resurgence of this sound.

The tropical feeling “Baptised” is another standout track on the EP- the sultry vocals infused with clean steel drums make for an infectiously fun beat.

The “Hurt Like Hell” EP is a strong offering from the London duo, keeping the tradition of UK house music alive while adding a fresh modern take on production.