AMFAMFAMF: A Recap of What You May Or May Not Remember

For those of you who had some major FOMO from missing Gary Richard’s All My Friends Festival last weekend, we have some news for you — indeed you missed out.  The vibes were high and the drinks were cold as LA’s most pervasive electronic music connoisseurs were out to play last Saturday and Sunday for a wild time at Skylight Row DTLA.  With an incredible lineup of artists both up-and-coming and well-established, you know the K had to show up and catch some of the action.

The BFF Stage

DJ Harvey had VIP guests fully in the groove: by Garon Deffley

There’s one thing we all know about music festivals like AMF.  Though some of the biggest and most well-known acts may be playing the main stage, the smaller stages are where the real music freaks reside.  Featuring performances from  DJ Harvey, Bruno FurlanVolac, Shift K3yPhlegmatic Dogs and more, the BFF stage was fully qualified to win over the crowd with creative light production and a whole lot of that good good noise.  This stage gave VIP ticket holders backstage access where they had the chance to bounce around with some of their favorite artists. 

Omg..you’re like, my best friend: by Garon Deffley


The Porta Potty..wait, what?

Come through, it’s (dimly) lit: by Garon Deffley

Yep, you read that correctly.  If you attended AMF Fest and decided to take a stroll over to the bathroom, you may have noticed one specific porta potty with an unusually long line.  Just in case you couldn’t connect the dots after hearing the wubs and lasers blaring from the inside, we’d like to inform you that this was in fact a secret rave.  Fully stocked with craft beers and consumed with the smell of incense, this secret stage gave festival-goers the option of a Speakeasy-like setting to escape the crowd.  It was a huge hit – even Diplo came by for a quick visit.


The Friendzone Stage

Diplo and MK finishing up their legendary b2b debut: by Garon Deffley

Lastly, the festival’s main stage.  Yes, even AMF Fest’s main artists of interest were stuck in the Friendzone last weekend – but perhaps ‘stuck’ isn’t the right term in this instance.  MK, Diplo, Blond:ish, Idris Elba, Destructo, and their other friendzoned counterparts were given the pleasure of performing under a phenomenal abstract visual production.  Artists held nothing back when it came to playing their most risky tracks along with some unreleased treasures!  Check out some of the K’s shots from main stage below:

Diplo whispering sweet nothings to Black Coffee as he prepares to begin his two-hour closing set: by Garon Deffley

Black Coffee warms up the crowd with his opening tracks: by Garon Deffley


All My Friends was a true testament to both the loyalty of Gary Richard’s fans, as well as the LA concert goer’s willingness to be hungover on both Sunday AND Monday.  We can only respect such dedication.  For those who didn’t catch the K’s AMF Curated playlist, here’s a quick listen into the sounds of the weekend.  Hope to see you next year!

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