What is The ?

The Kollection is a community united by a deep connection to Music. Music is for everyone; but it’s proven different For The Rest Of Us.

This goes far beyond song selection. We chase all forms of true expression and seek to connect contrasting sounds, bridging gaps between artists, fans, and communities who might not interact otherwise. The Kollection is for the listener who really listens, the eye who art speaks to, and the soul who seeks to better the culture around them.

In everything we do, our family at The K is committed to curating and creating experiences that embody “Music For The Rest Of Us.”

Kian McHugh Founder & Creative Director
Bryce Sexton Head of Strategy
Kenzie Jones Head of Operations
Drake Allen Brand Director
Mitch Meleski Business Director
Paulette Ely Contributing Editor

History of the K


The K continues to grow and innovate under the management of 5 close friends and a growing staff of creatives, entrepreneurs, and youth culture aficionados. A series of 5 sold out immersive experiences featuring the likes of Flight Facilities and Amtrac brings The Kollection to peak momentum in Los Angeles.


With an event schedule just two days away, The K was heartbroken by the cancellation of events. Heads held high, the team began to experiment, refine digital channels, and make an effort to support communities affected by the pandemic and civil rights movement through editorial and social media initiatives. In November, The Kollection released “Dear Los Angeles,” a short film and tribute to the city that landed them on Flaunt Magazine and the cover of DTLA news.


Having survived a year that hit entertainment harder than ever before, The Kollection continues to set their self-imposed bar higher with each new digital initiative. In March, The K took their first ever online shop live alongside a line of clothing that pays homage to LA. With orders placed everywhere from New York to London, the team looks forward to growing their presence as a lifestyle brand as the year progresses.


Kollection events are immersive experiences held in untraditional venues with a focus on art installations, performance artists, interactive brand partnerships, and A-list performances from the likes of Flight Facilities, Amtrac, and Chris Lake. We cannot wait to continue to innovate, challenge what is thought possible of a night out, and above all, host you one day!


Independent journalism is the soul of The Kollection. Through our thematic editorial drops, we are driven to share, critique, and support music and culture so that our community can stay ahead of the trends, contribute to the greater good, and educate themselves on all that makes up youth culture.


We are excited to welcome you to our community! As a youth-run lifestyle brand, we are just like you and love interacting with those who share our interests. With that in mind, we encourage you to interact with the wide array of projects we are working on so we can get to know you and would love nothing more than to meet you one day.


Curating quality music will always be a primary focus of The Kollection! We have 5 playlists that are updated weekly in addition to “Komfort” which never gets old.

Playlist For The Rest Of Us

On Monday, The K team at large shares what tunes they’ve been listening to!

At Home With

On Tuesday, The K connects with an artist whose music we love and asks them to share the music that they love!

Rinse & Repeat

On Wednesday, a rotating member of The K’s management will share 10 tracks curated with your taste in mind!

Closer Look

On Thursday, we do a deep dive into a genre, the year it peaked, and the songs that made it great.

K Weekly

On Friday, we curate the 30 best releases of the week, right in time for the weekend!


For those days when life slows down, we’ve curated over 24 hours worth of music to put your mind at ease.