A Wolf in a Dog’s World: Remi Wolf’s “You’re a Dog!” EP

Remi Wolf is it. Her newly released EP, You’re a Dog!, is funky, spunky, and oh so satisfying. Her freshman effort, it combines R&B, funk, soul, and pop to form a sound that reels you in and keeps you wanting more. Some songs are soulful and swaying, while others are furious and forceful. Though the tempo varies from song to song, a vein of groove runs throughout. With this distinct funkiness, Wolf displays her personality, emotions, and musical tendencies. You’re a Dog! is genuine, groovy, and damn good. 

Sauce” is a smooth smart. Slow at first, it picks up a little more than halfway through, as Wolf croons, “We’re making love, we’re making love.” The soulful vocals on “Sauce” set the precedent for the rest of the EP, showcasing Wolf’s ability to masterfully blend disparate sounds into coherent and creative music.

If a lava lamp had a sound, “Rufufus” would be it. It’s the perfect mix of groove and electronic. Wolf’s voice flows and pulses, morphing in and out of itself. The gentle beat and chant-like vocals create a mesmerizing effect; it’s hard not to get lost in the song. 

With the words “nicotine’s kicking in folks,” Wolf jumps into “Doctor.” Like a nicotine buzz transformed into a song, “Doctor” picks you up and gets you going.  It’s like musical energy. The electricity of emotion courses throughout as Wolf jumps from speak-singing to absolutely belting. The beat speeds up and absolutely takes off, as the drums pound against Wolf’s rapid-fire, rising voice. Everything about this song absolutely buzzes. 

Guy” dips things back down. Backed by a soft beat, Wolf’s vocals range from tinny to full, but they synchronize perfectly.  

Thicc” is trance-like. In a sing-songy, honeyed voice, Wolf takes things even softer as she sings “your love could take me away, away from here.” Wolf’s subtlety reveals itself with “Thicc.” 

The last song on the EP, “Shawty” leaves the listener itching for more. Set against a beat that is impossible not to groove to, “Shawty” bops along and boldly closes the EP. Wolf skirts the line between rapping and singing, perfectly complementing the twinkling background beat. “Shawty” combines all of Wolf’s musical mastery, leaving the EP on a fantastic note. 

You’re a Dog! is colorful and uncontrollable–Wolf marches to her own beat and boldly asserts her personality in every song. The EP is a breath of musical debauchery, so allow yourself to indulge in it.