A Few of My Favorite Things with Ella Vos

Ella Vos is an Angeleno tried and true, a magnificent mother, and a vocalist who has fueled some of your favorite Indie Pop and Electronic records whether you know it or not.

After the release of her Kaskade collaboration, Ella allowed us to pick her mind and get the scoop on a few of her favorite things…

Favorite thing that came of 2020

In 2020, so many favorite things came about! First, I fell in love and got married, I released my second album, I wrote most of my upcoming third album, I went on 2 cross country camping trips, and learned how to rock climb.

Favorite part of working with Kaskade

Alt="Kaskade performing"
Kaskade, via EDM Identity

Hearing him take a song from a simple guitar rhythm and beat to the masterpiece he created was truly incredible; he’s so freaking talented.

Favorite Electronic act of the last decade 

Alt="Daft Punk with Helmets"
Daft Punk, via The New York Times

Daft Punk, hands down, what else is there to say.

Favorite record to listen to on vinyl

James Blake Performance, via Miami News Times

James Blake’s “James Blake” is otherworldly on vinyl. My 5 year old agrees.

Favorite self-care activity/product 

Alt="Morning Coffee"
Morning Coffee, Via Esquire

“Coffee Bath”! It’s not what it sounds like, I’m not bathing in coffee…Coffee bath is a morning bath while drinking coffee and listening to the news or a podcast.

Favorite thing about LA

Alt="Drone shot of a woman walking down a street toward Downtown Los Angeles."
Los Angeles, Via Culture Trip

The weather, by far, I don’t think I could live anywhere else in the world because the weather is just too good.

Favorite thing to complain about

Alt="Los Angeles in the summer"
Los Angeles in the Summer, Via Travel + Leisure

Oddly enough, my favorite thing to complain about is the weather. I know it’s so stupid, because it’s SO NICE here, but I still love to say “it’s SO HOT” or “it’s SO COLD”. So LA of me I guess. 😉

Favorite small business to support

Haley Solar, via Yelp

 Haley Solar

My best friend’s MOST CUTEST shop in Eagle Rock and Silverlake. 

Favorite piece of recording/studio equipment

The Wurlitzer, Via Tropical Fish

Oh where to begin, I guess if I have to pick one I’d say my Wurlitzer! It almost always inspires a song out of me.

Favorite thing that keeps you sane at home

Via Harvard Health

“Disco Thursdays”

On Disco Thursday nights, me and my husband have a dance party and jam in the studio and usually end up making some really fun songs. 

Favorite lyric you’ve ever written

Via MusicTech

“Everytime I try to run from my mistakes, they catch up.”

It’s so honest and was such an effortless statement to write.

Favorite book you’ve read recently

Via The Current

I read Jeff Tweedy’s “How to Write One Song” at the beginning of this year and it was really refreshing to read about someone else’s creative process.

Favorite movie to rewatch

Alt="Dumb and Dumber Movie"
Dumb and Dumber, via 25 Years Later Site

It’s not my favorite movie of all time but my go-to movie if nothing else looks interesting is Dumb and Dumber. It’s like comfort food for me.

Favorite DJ to see live

Via EDMTunes

I saw deadmau5 perform at a festival in San Francisco, he played right after LCD Soundsystem I was so hyped up from LCD Soundsystem and kept going hard through the deadmau5 set… it was so much fun.

Favorite live performance you’ve done 

Alt="Bonanza Music Festival"
Bonanza Music Festival, Via Tahoe Onstage

I played Bonanza Music Festival in Utah one summer and the crowd was SO AMAZING. I wore this beautiful red kimono…I remember getting on stage and seeing bubbles floating in the air and everything was magical feeling and everyone was singing along to every song…it gave me goosebumps. 

We are honored to take a look inside Ella Voss’ personal library as she joins us for our latest edition of At Home With:

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