A Decade Of Livestreams (10 Must See DJ Sets From The 2010’s)

One of the least covered and most prominent societal shifts in music this decade was the explosive growth of the live-stream industry. One could even call it the live-streaming race. With massive leaps in technology, innovation in what can be considered a venue, and with more reported fans of electronic than ever- DJ sets from around the world are streamed in real-time and then again and again and again million times over. It goes without saying, this niche industry will continue to blossom going into 2020 as the market becomes increasingly competitive. Mixmag reaches almost 100 million people monthly across its channels and has expanded to 16 offices internationally, Boiler Room has uploaded 12 new sets to Youtube in the last 24 hours, and Cercle averages over 2 million unique views each week on its live-streamed sets.

The turn of the decade is an excellent opportunity to share some of the sets that shaped our taste and got us to where we are today. Enjoy these timeless sets in chronological order for a taste of music history!

WHO: Bonobo

WHEN: Jun 1, 2012

WHY: An incredible set prior to Bonobo’s peak and an exemplary look at how far we have come… split screen is a thing of the past but this legendary producer continues to crush the game.


WHO: Kiasmos

WHEN: June 19th, 2015

WHY: Kiasmos’ set at Sonar Festival was streamed millions of times on Youtube before it was tragically taken down this year- thankfully Dailymotion did something right for once and saved a copy. This set is often referenced by those whose taste I trust most as one of the greatest sets of all time and I would have to say I agree. You must listen to understand.

WHO: Mija and Anna Lunoe

WHEN: June 26, 2015

WHY: To date, one of the most fun and unapologetically energetic B2Bs ever. It is incredible to witness Mija and Anna Lunoe feed off one another’s energy and simultaneously see how far these two have come.

WHO: Porter Robinson

WHEN: 2015

WHY: Ok this one is a bit of a cheat as it is not a live stream but alas, this is one of the m0st important sets of the decade and a fan has compiled an incredible montage of footage that really makes you feel like you are there. Few artists will ever create a show as sensational as Porter Robinson’s Worlds Live Tour.

WHO: Four Tet

WHEN: February 22, 2016

WHY: Four Tet was one of the first DJs to reimagine what is possible of the performance space- the iconic light show continued to be an integral feature of his tour up until this year when he removed all lighting from his sets altogether.

WHO: Honey Dijon

WHEN: March 8th, 2018

WHY: This set is Honey Dijon at her absolute best- she mixes in classics, IDs that still have yet to surface, and the Martin Luther King “I Have A Dream” speech. Try this one at your next pregame for a communal energy boost.

WHO: Stephan Bodzin

WHEN: July 26, 2018

WHY: For those friends who perhaps do not yet understand the appeal, allure, and beauty of TECHNO- this set can act as your silencer card. Stephan Bodzin appears to be a god amongst men atop the James Bond ski base rinsing his iconic synth-driven sound. This set was one of the masterpieces that established Cercle’s prowess.

WHO: Amelie Lens

WHEN: July 19th, 2019

WHY: Amelie is at the top of her game and few artists have seen the consistent growth that she continues to display. This set captures the extraterrestrial energy that has made her ever-popular in 2019 perfectly.

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