A Danceable Dreamscape: Yarosslav’s “Floating By”

Worldly duo Yarosslav seamlessly blends club-inspired deep house with indie electronic sounds in their latest single, “Floating Away”. The brother’s highly anticipated track is an infectiously danceable dreamscape that will transport you with its atmospheric percussion and arpeggiated synth leads.

The track begins with a dance-floor ready kick and snare while an electronic synth pluck provides a sophisticated but catchy melody that sets the entire mood of the track. Atmospheric pads, effects, and percussion accentuate the dreamy tone as it breaks down into a vocal section. At its climax, the french duo gives us an unparalleled chiptune synth lead solo that bounces around in almost every direction, yet does so seamlessly. 

Yarosslav’s style of music is refreshing, fanciful, and begging to be played live. The duo’s performances demonstrate the talented siblings’ abilities to create groovy guitar lines, dreamy vocals, and authentic dance beats right in front of an audience. The brother’s synergy combined with their impressive experiences abroad in France, Spain, and Mexico formulate an especially captivating sound. 

Take a listen to the new single and check out their show dates, other songs, and socials below!