A Blessing from Saint Barae: “Power + Control” World Premiere

It seems Australia’s thirst for disco in insatiable. We all know the entire country loves to party, hard, and their mastery of synth-driven power pop reflects that national affinity for the sesh. We, at The Kollection, appreciate their attitude and their music. We were lucky enough to get a first look at something very special coming from down under, and now we are proud to extend that first look to you. This track could find a home on the hottest DJ’s Coachella mix just as easily as in a small underground club, and we have a feeling it might hit both soon.

Saint Barae, coming to us from the gold coast of Australia, is bringing some serious synth-pop into all of our lives with his new single “Power + Control” premiering right here, at The Kollection.

“Power + Control” draws obvious influence from 80’s disco and funk, but breathes modern life into it with oozing bass, powerful synth leads and ethereal vocals.

The format feels unmistakably Australian. Tame Impala’s masterful brand of disco-funk-psych-pop drips through the popular culture and squeezes back out in the American and Australian psycho pop that has followed, but Saint Barae puts a distinctly 80’s spin on it. The falsetto vocal melody with the Phil Collins drum fill, in combination with modern production, makes this track an anachronistic power pop piece well worthy of 100 million plays.

photo: Nic Carrogu

“Power + Control” slots seamlessly into the continuum of tracks coming from Australia’s Mammal Sounds, a label, management, and publicity group. Mammal sounds has created a reputation as purveyors of alternative pop and electronic that is about to blow up. Their. Saint Barae is an excellent addition to their catalogue of artists, adding touches of funk and soul to a predominately electronic lineup. He also follows the trend of Mammal releases we can’t believe aren’t already huge. Good things are coming up from the bottom of the globe, after all, we all know heat rises. As the latest of three singles to be released in the last year Saint Barae is only getting better. We certainly hope we get a record soon, if “Power + Control” is any indication, it’s going to do big things.