11th Floored: Official Recap Video & Photo Gallery

What does it take to fill a space? You can fill a space with people, with light, with music… there are countless options. The Kollection team explored this idea with our last event 11th Floored in packing 800+ people into a room lit up with world-renowned visuals and energized by sets from resident DJs and… Flight Facilities.

photo by Glen Matheny

We are constantly looking for new ways to disrupt the existing nightlife culture in Los Angeles. While we love a good warehouse or trip to the Broad, we are interested in finding the most remarkable warehouses- say the 11th floor of the abandoned LA Stock Exchange- and finding ways to incorporate those artists on display at some of the top international museums into the experience- Hi Meow Wolf. Thank you to the World Of Light exhibition and Urgent Care for helping make this possible.

photo by Glen Matheny

The beauty of innovation is that you have the chance to set your own bar. With this last event, we were so glad to find that attendees communally agreed that we had set the bar higher than ever before- often noting the strange men who seemed to be stuck in time and space wandering the elevators. As we continue to grow our community, we are adamant that each experience we put on continues to challenge what is thought to be possible or acceptable.

photo by Glen Matheny

See you on November 1st for the next one.