The Wheel – S O H N

by Vanessa - October 3, 2012

Deliciously yet delicately digital, UK-based S O H N’s “The Wheel” has captured me, serving as the latest single on which the painfully beautiful Ben Gibbard-esque (Death Cab) vocal keep you hanging onto every word. The persistant pulsations and light percussion might make you initially think, “repetitive”, but stop there. When you actually let these sounds melt over you, they evolve into something quite simple but quite equally fantastic. It will be interesting to see where S O H N lines up in the growing crowded nature of the dreamwave scene.

The Wheel EP of the same name will be released via Aesop records on November 5th.

“All this fuss over nothing / reinventing the wheel / all this searching for something, that’s not real.”