The Heist – Easter Egg

by nicolas - November 13, 2011

I found an Easter egg. No, not the holiday item that is full of candy. I’m talking about the virtual “easter egg” that takes you by surprise and (usually) brightens your day. Now apply that to mashups and you got – surprise! – Easter Egg.

Hailing from the Portland area, I was name-dropped this artist and I haven’t stopped playing his The Heist album yet. With a Girl Talk-esque style, Easter Egg creates tracks that flow from one sample to the next with no stopping point for over an hour. The album, as a whole, samples lots of hip hop/rap vocal samples and a variety of instrumental samples that give it a funky fresh vibe – perfect for a pregame session or as background music if you’re feeling productive. Now granted, some samples may be a little cheesy (“No Scrubs” at the beginning), but there are plenty of moments where I caught myself singing along to the album – Adele with the Sting instrumental sample is but one. So if you want to get away from those energetic high intensity mashups, then let Easter Egg surprise with what he has to offer.

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