The Come Up, Vol. 1

by Brian - January 15, 2013

Today The Kollection is proud to offer the exclusive premier of DJ Smiles‘ latest project, The Come Up, Volume 1. This is a compilation mixtape featuring tracks from some of The Kollection’s favorite artists, as well as some new musicians that are making their debut here on the site. From The Good Husbands to Luke Christopher, Aer to Dillon Cooper, this mixtape’s tracks span the genre of hip hop, bringing so many styles and voices into one single project.

A few of my favorites include Dillon Cooper’s Survival of the Fittest, Sam Lachow & Company’s Banana Goo Pie, Utopian House Party by The Good Husbands, and Luke Christopher’s Little People. The entire tape is a solid listen though, and it’s available for free – a must-download if I’ve ever seen one.

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Download The Come Up, Vol. 1


Utopian House Party – The Good Husbands
Up All Night – Cisco Adler
Lifted – Nick Weaver
Survival of the Fittest – Dillon Cooper
Need Your Lovin’ – Jeedy
Banana Goo Pie – Sam Lachow & Company
Yung Walter White – Marc Goone
Wicked Ways – Jacob Es
Big Jet Plane – M.I
Pulling – Raz Simone
Cameras Roll – Aer
Little People – Luke Christopher
It’s My Birthday – HA HA Yo
Up ft. Jane – Beyond Modern
Lamborgini Thirsty – Bramzwig