The Chillstep Kollection

by Brian - August 28, 2010

It’s Saturday, and I hope everyone’s last week of summer/first week of school went well. I know that I’m tired and in need of some good rest, and I figured some of you were too, so I took a little time today to put together this Chillstep Kollection.

Yes, it’s dubstep. Yes, it’s chill. Chillstep. In this Kollection are 17 beautiful tracks of smooth, laid back, relaxing dubstep songs that I listen to every night falling asleep. In fact, I would highly recommend only listening to this Kollection if you are lying down, lights off, and headphones on. Most of these songs come from my buddy’s website, the Dubstep Collective, so be sure to check his site out for more music like this.

I hope you guys enjoy this little mixtape, be sure to sound off on our Facebook page or Twitter!

Download the Chillstep Kollection