Mashup Monday No. 107

by Hannah - September 15, 2014

Another MM coming at you today, and if you’re anywhere near me, you’ll realize that fall has fallen upon us. So bundle up and check out this week’s Mashups. A few of them are a little dated, but great nonetheless.   Artwork Credit here.

Artist and Show Review: Rudimental at Terminal 5, NYC

by Kian - September 14, 2014

Some bands have the ability to build a certain sense of chemistry between the audience and themselves throughout a live performance. This chemistry boosts the energy of the crowd, increases dancing confidence, and brings smiles to the faces of each and every concert goer. Yes, Rudimental has this characteristic. The whole venue was dancing uncontrollably, ... Listen & Download

Secondhand Smoke- Michael Gobiel

by Hannah - September 14, 2014

Michael Gobiel, originally from just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, has been writing his own lyrics and music for quite a while now. This track here, he played for me personally, and as soon as I heard it, I fell in love with the song. The words are heavy, but his voice carries you through the ... Listen & Download

Heart (PKeys Quick Flip) – CRNKN

by Hannah - September 14, 2014

I.AM.OB-SESSED with this song. And if you listen to it, although its short, you will be too. We’ve featured a few other CRNKN tracks on here before, but this one is BY FAR my favorite. So I’ll just leave this here….

Starts Again – Jez Dior

by Christopher - September 13, 2014

Jez Has been teasing his newest unreleased track, “Clean Me Up” for some time now, and we can’t wait to share it with you when it finally does come out, but untill then, get excited about his latest release, “Starts Again.” Like a lot of his newer work, “Starts Again” represents a balanced blend of ... Listen & Download

World Of Dreams (5 & A Dime Remix) – Galavant feat. Mary Jane Smith

by Dustin - September 12, 2014

5 & A Dime is one producer that’s on a real roll; one week after the release of his bass heavy original ‘Low End’, we have a remix of Galavant’s ‘World of Dreams’ (which was already a mainstream-charged tune in and of itself) being released on Ultra Records. Greg adds a heftiness to the drums, giving it a harder, more ... Listen & Download

The Other Side (SPEAK Remix) – Madi Diaz

by Carolyn - September 12, 2014

Welcome to your new obsession. Madi Diaz is a fairly new artist to me but already she is making waves. This SPEAK remix is everything you need from late night studying to early morning partying. Fitting for every mood, this song will get me hyped to do just about anything be it cramming for a test ... Listen & Download

Dumb For You (Video) – Hoodie Allen

by chelsea - September 12, 2014

‘Dumb For You,’ the latest release from Hoodie Allen’s upcoming album People Keep Talking brings some elements of the ‘old Hoodie’ back with the heavier pop elements rather than the heavier hip hop influence, but DFY has some nostalgic guitar riffs and some light percussion that keeps this love song’s attitude more spunk. In the video, ... Listen & Download