Halcyon Birds – Broken Back

by Marisa - January 28, 2015

It’s impossible not to draw comparisons between Broken Back and Milky Chance, the German duo that has permeated radio stations and Internet blogs alike with hit singles “Stolen Dance” and “Flashed Junk Mind.”  Broken Back shares several similarities with Milky Chance – they are also a European act (based in Paris) creating upbeat electro-indie-folk music, and […]

Letting Go – FMLYBND

by Vanessa - January 27, 2015

Things take a darker, more electro-focused turn for FMLYBND who are back with their first single of the new year, “Letting Go”. The Santa Barbara fam is releasing a new jam each month (a release strategy much like killer newbies, Oh Wonder) and today’s release should excite longtime listeners because it seems as though the […]

Years & Years – King (Video)

by Vanessa - January 20, 2015

London’s delightful Years & Years are rising up fast, and the announcement of their recently awarded “BBC Sound of 2015″ title surely reminds us that 2015 is theirs for the taking. Their latest single “King” surfaced a few weeks ago and never quite did it for me, despite it’s infectious, dance floor energy – something […]

Paralyzed – Nick Klein

by Vanessa - January 16, 2015

The Netherlands have brought us Nick Klein (vocals) and Ferdous Dehzad (production) to make up “Nick Klein“, and the pair is working together in expert fashion to bring us a crisp, memorable coupling of smooth vocals and crisp, sophisticated production. There are a handful of R&B/electronic/pop acts springing up (Ben Kahn came to mind upon […]

Artist Spotlight: Tove Styrke

by Vanessa - January 16, 2015

While success in this wild industry is no easy feat, Tove Styrke seems to be just around the corner from something big. With her own interesting 2009 “Swedish Idol” experience behind her and the thriving, tight-knit Swedish music community that’s helped raise her, this 22-year-old RCA recording artist has already had quite the journey and […]

Loveblood – Sundra Karma

by Dustin Trauernicht - January 15, 2015

By making myself easy to connect with, I hear music from all sorts of artists, but this one particularly stood out to me for some reason. Maybe it was because it’s a type of music that, due to personal preference, I tend to overlook. Either way, when I checked it out, I was nothing less than […]

Young – Vallis Alps

by Vanessa - January 14, 2015

2015 brings us with another soon-to-be-buzzing boy (David) /gal (Parissa) duo from Seattle, Vallis Alps, whose production/vocal combo will have you in the palms of their musical hands. The duo name is Latin for “Alpine Valley”, and while Vallis Alps doesn’t necessarily sound like something you’ll have at the tip of your tongue initially, they’re […]

Dark Doo Wop (Birthday Boy Version) – MS MR

by Jan - January 14, 2015

Introducing Toronto based producer, Birthday Boy, who infuses a bumping baseline in his flip of MSMR’s airy and orchestral ‘Dark Doo Wop’, making for a sleek tune that mixes the original’s captivating lyrics with some of the best of what the wonky world of garage/experimental house has to offer. This isn’t the first Doo Wop flip […]