Giving It Up – cultureculture

by Carolyn Davis - (Contact) - March 17, 2014

There is little known about cultureculture but from what I can gather, they are a sythpop-loving group of friends from Atlanta, Georgia. Their debut EP, cultureculture, consists of five infectious disco-esque tracks that are sure to get your feet moving and your blood pumping. “Giving It Up” is just one of the group’s masterpieces, so ... Listen & Download

My Afternoon Dream – Jhene Aiko

by Emma Young - (Contact) - March 17, 2014

Happy birthday Jhene Aiko! The LA-based vocalist, who has been featured in Big Sean’s “Beware” and Drake’s “From Time” and has collaborated with artists like Childish Gambino, turned 26 today. In honor of her birthday, she released this track, a hypnotic original with sweet/sultry vocals. Keep an eye on Aiko; she is developing as a ... Listen & Download

Sunday Solace Vol. 27

by Jonathan Seal - (Contact) - March 16, 2014

Welcome back to another volume of Sunday Solace. Today’s set includes thirty minutes of sunset music; a bit of calming, slightly up-beat at times, with a mellow falling action. First up, we’ve got a collaboration of two previous SS featured artists: BANKS and Shlohmo. In her new single, Shlohmo’s fantastic creative lull combined with BANKS’s ... Listen & Download

got this now ft. Hannah Joy – thibault

by Christopher Danks - (Contact) - March 15, 2014

There’s nothing better than finding hidden gems. That’s one of the main reasons we do this. But what’s even cooler than finding them, is getting to share them with all of you kollectors out there. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the internet is filled with copious amounts of undiscovered music, finding the really good stuff ... Listen & Download

Queen Marmalade (RII Remix) – Join The Riot

by Christopher Danks - (Contact) - March 15, 2014

When pop music is done right there is nothing more engaging or instantly gratifying. It’s something about how the melodies and rolling beats that grab your attention keep your ears glued to the sound, and just don’t let go until the last note dies out. In this case, LA duo, RII, has taken on a ... Listen & Download

50 Cent – Candy Shop (Andrew Luce Remix)

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - March 14, 2014

Well if it isn’t Mr. Save-the-best-drop-for-last Andrew Luce back with a new disgusting remix. It’s 2014 and we’re getting a hot new “Candy Shop” remix- life is good. What song are you turning up to tonight? This one. I love the original. I LOVE the remix. Young DJ Andrew Luce is so talented in the ... Listen & Download

The St Patrick’s Day Kollection, Vol 2

by Hannah Lowry - (Contact) - March 14, 2014

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE! Check it out y’all. The Kollection did a post for St Patty’s Day a few years back, and a few of us here have missed those posts. So, we decided to bring it back. This list includes 100 songs: throwbacks and current tracks, dupstep to slow rap, party songs to chillin’ ... Listen & Download

Stories From the Brass Section – Anti-Lilly & Phoniks

by Mason Strehl - (Contact) - March 14, 2014

When an emcee and producer come together, things have to mesh well. A good producer can gauge the style, cadence, and flow of an emcee and deliver beats that are tailor made to their particular feel and style. It’s likewise for the emcee, they need to know what kind of track they work best over, ... Listen & Download