The Kollection Presents: iWANT2DANCE

by Kian - January 3, 2015

There’s no catch to this playlist. Quite frankly, the title says it all. If you are looking to dance uncontrollably for 37 minutes straight then you’ve come to the right place because that is exactly what this playlist was made for. Whether you are hosting a party, taking a very long shower, or mowing the […]

Ode to Adnan (Serial Podcast) – Jackson Breit

by Marisa - December 31, 2014

Calling all Serial fans – Kollection homie Jackson Breit has just shared his latest single dedicated to the highly addictive and wildly popular investigatory podcast that everyone’s been talking about lately. Any fan of the podcast will immediately recognize the distinctive sounds of the Serial intro – and, like the podcast, Breit’ vocals will quickly have you hooked. As […]

I Might (feat. P-Lo & K Camp) – G-Eazy

by chelsea - December 30, 2014

G-Eazy just dropped a couple of free songs – happy holidays. ‘I Might,’ is produced by Cal-A and featured Bay Area artist P-Lo & Atlanta’s K Camp. This down-tempo track is a menacing toast to the fact that G-Eazy & crew might, in fact, steal your girl. The other tracks released just hours ago include ‘Why Thank You,’ […]

Exclusive Artist-Curated Playlist: Louis The Child [Via Mvsic]

by Vanessa - December 28, 2014

From their headphones to yours. For the first time, Mvsic is bringing you artist-curated playlists. Our friends Louis The Child lend their fine musical tastes to the Mvsic collection with this 20-track playlist that’s sure to awaken your musical senses. It’s eclectic and it will be hard to shake after you get your first taste. […]

Mirror Maru (Melvv Bootleg) – Cashmere Cat

by Nikos - December 25, 2014

Melvv, a 17 year old Milwaukee producer, blindsides us with this bootleg of Cashmere Cat’s “Mirror Maru”. It’s difficult to even approach music created by more established artists such as Cashmere and then attempt to create something unique and possibly even better sounding. This is exactly why it is unusual to hear a remix or […]

Hot Box (feat. G-Eazy & Mila J) [Cruel Jungle Remix] – Bobby Brackins

by Nikos - December 25, 2014

Just before the close of the year, Cruel Jungle hit us with a crisp remix of Bobby Brackins’ ‘Hot Box’. Initially creating the track with the goal of bringing out a Jersey Club sound, the outcome actually ends up having more of a b-boy dance track feel in the greatest way possible. This is because […]

Thinking About It (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix) – Just Kiddin

by Nikos - December 25, 2014

Coming to our ears from Berlin, Germany, Fabich and Ferdinand Weber are rapidly reaching many more. One of the 25 Artists to Watch in 2015 according to Dancing Astronaut; they give us even more of a reason to pay as much attention as possible, with the above release on Pete Tong’s label FFRR. Here we […]

Sail Up The Sun – Dylan Owen

by Dustin Trauernicht - December 16, 2014

Another week, and another emotionally-charged Dylan Owen track.  What better time to release it than at the height of everyone’s feels – Monday night. As a new week begins and some of us return to the monotony of our daily lives, “Sail Up The Sun” should serve as wake up call to those of us […]