Daylight EP- Product

by Hannah Lowry - (Contact) - July 21, 2014

People of the K, I bring you Product’s latest work; Daylight. Before this release, I had a chance to get a bit of a back story from Matt C., otherwise known as Product. Born and raised in Atlanta, Matt started writing poetry when he was 12. He started free styling when he was a junior in high school ... Listen & Download

Never Touch The Ground (Original Mix) – Gazzo Ft. Y LUV

by Dan Congiusta - (Contact) - July 21, 2014

East Coast meets West Coast.  Jersey-based producer Gazzo harvests his style with some added influence from the Los Angeles band Y LUV in “Never Touch The Ground.” Gazzo keeps a simple progressive house formula in the track but simplicity can make for a great end result. Starting with the warmth of the piano chords and transitioning ... Listen & Download

Dreamers – Hopium Ft. Phoebe Lou

by Vanessa Palmer - (Contact) - July 21, 2014

If you’re going to have a catchy tagline behind your music, it should probably resonate with listeners quickly upon first listen. Australian electro outfit Hopium‘s “High on Hopium” couldn’t be more accurate considering the potency of their candid pop cut, “Dreamers”. Produced by the Melbourne duo and featuring the bright vocals of former Snakadaktal frontwoman ... Listen & Download

Make You Mine – William Bolton (feat. Empress)

by Dustin Trauernicht - (Contact) - July 18, 2014

“Sexy” is a relative term – one man’s baby makin’ music might be his girls soundtrack for a snoozefest. But there’s nothing subjective about this track. William Bolton (formerly Times New Roman) is here to ‘Make You Mine’ – and with these propositions he’s making a pretty compelling pitch. Coming as the first official single from ... Listen & Download

Don’t Tell – Mansions on the Moon

by Vanessa Palmer - (Contact) - July 17, 2014

I’ve been following Los Angeles quartet Mansions on the Moon since their 2011 Diplo/DJ Benzi-released Paradise Falls mixtape , and while they have kept the same lush harmonic sound, MOTM have refined their production and honed in on their mission statement as a band. “Don’t Tell” is their playful, Summer-ready synth-heavy tune that should get ... Listen & Download

Dollhouse (Jai Wolf Remix) – Melanie Martinez

by Dan Congiusta - (Contact) - July 17, 2014

Jai Wolf has been releasing some big tracks recently. Following that pattern, his remix of Melanie Martinez’s “Dollhouse” puts a unique twist from original. Jai Wolf appropriately classified it as “chill trap” so think late summer nights with this one. I knew it was going to be good from the start – I wasn’t disappointed and ... Listen & Download

Bound 2 (The Rooftop Boys Remix) – Kanye West

by Dan Congiusta - (Contact) - July 17, 2014

Artists Bender and Hyperbits kicked off their side project under the moniker The Rooftop Boys and they couldn’t have started on a better note. There have been plenty of remixes of Kanye West’s “Bound 2” but don’t pass this one. The Rooftop Boys completely transformed the hip-hop original into a polished house track. Kanye’s verses were ... Listen & Download

Save My Soul (Prod. Jayson DeZuzio) – Roméo Testa

by Christopher Danks - (Contact) - July 17, 2014

This one has flown under nearly everybody’s radar for the past couple months, but it would be criminal to pass on it now considering the quality of the music, and the talent behind it. “Save My Soul” is a gritty piece of indie pop that transitions back-and-forth from hip hop beat work to soaring, anthemic, ... Listen & Download