World Of Dreams (5 & A Dime Remix) – Galavant feat. Mary Jane Smith

by Dustin - September 12, 2014

5 & A Dime is one producer that’s on a real roll; one week after the release of his bass heavy original ‘Low End’, we have a remix of Galavant’s ‘World of Dreams’ (which was already a mainstream-charged tune in and of itself) being released on Ultra Records. Greg adds a heftiness to the drums, giving it a harder, more ... Listen & Download

The Other Side (SPEAK Remix) – Madi Diaz

by Carolyn - September 12, 2014

Welcome to your new obsession. Madi Diaz is a fairly new artist to me but already she is making waves. This SPEAK remix is everything you need from late night studying to early morning partying. Fitting for every mood, this song will get me hyped to do just about anything be it cramming for a test ... Listen & Download

Dumb For You (Video) – Hoodie Allen

by chelsea - September 12, 2014

‘Dumb For You,’ the latest release from Hoodie Allen’s upcoming album People Keep Talking brings some elements of the ‘old Hoodie’ back with the heavier pop elements rather than the heavier hip hop influence, but DFY has some nostalgic guitar riffs and some light percussion that keeps this love song’s attitude more spunk. In the video, ... Listen & Download

Carry Your Throne (Video) – Jon Bellion

by chelsea - September 12, 2014

This is my personal favorite Jon Bellion song & video to date from The Definition, set to release September 23rd. ‘Carry Your Throne’ is an epic ballad with enveloping power and incredible impact, and the cinematic video (directed by both Jon Bellion and David Richardson) gives it a movie-like quality that creates an overall impact that is unlike ... Listen & Download

Russ – Gypsy

by Dustin - September 12, 2014

“Be the product of your thoughts, not a product of the system.” Here is a new video from Russ with “Gypsy” – a single from his self-produced June album titled, ‘Silence’. Directed by Colm Dillane of Kid Super, this is a bohemian trip into the inner dimensions of a personal relationship. The video aims to ... Listen & Download

Kidnap Me – CRUISR

by chelsea - September 10, 2014

CRUISR was featured on The Kollection for the first time just a couple of weeks ago, although they have been around since 2012. With an updated name and a more polished sound, the band is back to launch themselves into the limelight with their upbeat pop sounds and addicting lyrics. This track ‘Kidnap Me’ is actually ... Listen & Download

I’m Not The Only One feat. A$AP Rocky – Sam Smith

by chelsea - September 10, 2014

Sam Smith is taking over the music industry, and the rising star has paired up with A$AP Rocky for a stellar remix to his emotional track ‘I’m Not the Only One’ from his debut album The Lonely Hour.  A$AP features rather tranquil verses at the beginning and end of the song, telling the story of past relationship mistakes and ... Listen & Download

Seventeen – ACADEMY

by Marisa - September 10, 2014

Since the release of their Moving Methods EP in June, the boys of ACADEMY have kept relatively busy playing live shows on the east coast, but finally they’ve appeased their ever-growing fan club with the latest single, “Seventeen.” This latest tune features more production and hip hop beats than the reggae-esque acoustic sounds of their previous ... Listen & Download