Mashup Monday No. 109

by Hannah - October 13, 2014

Mashup Monday is back this week! Right in the middle of midterm season, the K is bringing you another list of Mashups to get you through this week. This track list, although on the shorter side, is not lacking in energy for the late-night study sessions. So take a listen, support your favorites, and enjoy!

Around the Bends – Osca

by Marisa - October 13, 2014

Over the past few months, London four-piece Osca been quietly dropped two standout singles, “Blood” and “Illume,” off their upcoming Blood EP that drops November 17th. These first releases have garnered a justifiably impressive amount of critical acclaim and blogger love. Their latest song, “Around the Bends,” follows suit, an inspiring feel-good indie-pop track that is stirring and soothing ... Listen & Download

The Kollection Presents: GET WET or GET OUT

by Kian - October 13, 2014

If you’re not down to GET WET (dance, party, and have a good time), then GET OUT and exit this post immediately. This playlist gets weird, it bumps, and it flows perfectly- and I mean perfectly. If you play this at your party, be warned, we are fully liable for all the good times you ... Listen & Download

Team (Autograf Remix) – Lorde

by Carly - October 9, 2014

I have always been a huge fan of Chicago-based Autograf and their newest release has me covered in goosebumps. Lorde‘s chart topper “Team” was already beyond perfect and now Autograf has completely flipped the upbeat poppy jam into a chilled out masterpiece. I’ve had this track on repeat for a while now and it keeps ... Listen & Download

Mvsic Top Tracks Vol. 15

by Brian - October 7, 2014

Another week, another round of top tracks! This past week we crossed 900 total songs in the Mvsic library and more than 90,000 streams – thanks for listening in! If you’re interested in browsing through some of our archives, be sure to check out the Random Tracks page. This week we’re happy to feature some ... Listen & Download

We Ain’t Never – ACADEMY

by Marisa - October 3, 2014

With fall in full swing and winter on its way, New England duo ACADEMY brings back the sunny vibes we all desperately need to keep us warm in the coming weeks. Their latest single, “We Ain’t Never,” takes you right back to the beach and lazy summer days, with the catchy chorus and lyrics emphasizing the carefree ... Listen & Download

Old 45’s (Official Video) – Chromeo

by Marisa - October 3, 2014

With a Twitter name like “#FNKLRDZ,” there’s a lot to be expected from Chromeo when it comes to making music videos, and this latest look at “Old 45’s” off their fourth studio album White Women does not disappoint. The clip begins with Chromeo singing and dancing, with a cameo from the ladies of HAIM (one of my favorite bands ... Listen & Download

Shark – Wonder Wonder

by Vanessa - October 1, 2014

Wonder Wonder lit up the web with their September 1st world debut, “Body Gold”, and I’ve been waiting patiently for the followup, which has arrived in timely fashion on the first of the month, as their Soundcloud promises will occur for the next year. Today, the London duo has set free their second piece of music out into the open, ... Listen & Download