No Faith in Brooklyn Video + All American EP – Hoodie Allen

by Vanessa - April 11, 2012

Thousands of Hoodie “mob” members have been counting down to this release, and we at the Kollection have, too. As you wake this morning, you’ll notice that the man is currently holding the #1 album spot on iTunes overall. That is incredible; a testament to the power of true fans and the payoff of an extremely dedicated independent artist. Our chosen Long Islander, Steven Markowitz’ (aka Hoodie) first retail album, All American caters to ears that fein for a tastefully mainstream sound, and should satisfy hip-pop cravings in all of their originally-produced glory (thanks RJF!) and witty banter. In all seriousness, the rapper’s made a bold shift with this 8-track retail debut – perfectly wrapping up poignant messages in his own catchy package.

Key Tracks:
“Lucky Man” kicks things off in a fun way (I’m 5’9? but I’m feelin’ real big) as he lures us into his “All American” state of mind – “No Interruption” has a huge presence and has been stuck in my head since its release (not complaining) – As a college Senior, the highly relatable “Eighteen Cool” is definitely going to become a new staple track, regardless of its slight “Disney” tinge – “No Faith in Brooklyn” is definitely the second stand out track under “No Interruption”, with a thoughtful chorus from Jhameel and Hoodie’s speedier flow (which he implements wisely) – “Ain’t Gotta Work” lays atop a simple piano riff but strongly finishes the project (gotta love the Blink 183 reference). But really, thank goodness Hoodie quit his day job.