Mashup Monday No. 42

by nicolas - February 13, 2012

It’s Monday, which means another great selection of tracks for this week’s segment of Mashup Monday. To start, a recent DJ Trademark release, See The Lights, blending electronic beats with vocals from Brittany and Enrique. Trademark has impressed me with his flawless transitions from sample to sample, creating his trademark (no pun intended) party style.

I’m getting tired of Avicii’s Levels being mashed, no matter how great it is; you’ll have to forgive me for this one. It’s Flo Rida’s sampling of Levels paired with Sum 41 vocals – a creative combination, I must admit. I’ve never heard of Bogoss, but I’ll keep my eye out for any future mashes/bootlegs.

Next, DJ 21azy delivers a mashup that is filled with a dope beat, ill vocal samples – what I’ve come to expect from 21azy.

Finally, this Mashup Monday post wouldn’t be complete without mention of the tragic passing of Whitney Houston. Her voice is one of the rare few that should be considered timeless, and one that transcends all genres. For that reason, Joshu Ra’s mash of Whitney and Rihanna stood out to me. A classic track of Whitney paired with a Rihanna’s We Found Love that is gaining in popularity. Whitney Houston may be gone, but her voice will continue to grace the ears of many for years to come.