K Exclusive: Benji Lewis’s ‘Fast Forward’ Single + Premiere

By Kollection



Giving us a glimpse into his upcoming five-track EP, Benji Lewis has released his smooth single, ‘Fast Forward,’ along with a dreamy music video to accompany it. 

Blending his smooth-as-honey voice with his impressive high notes, Benji Lewis’s ‘Fast Forward’ is an emotion-filled, velvety croon. As he sings “ain’t we getting tired, I say we change it up,” Benji creates an aura of escape and maturation. He drifts in and out of the present, embracing the emotional nostalgia that comes with change. Combining Benji’s talents with LA producer Kid Froopy’s studio stylings, ‘Fast Forward’ is a song full of allure and smokey sounds.

The dreamy, purple-hued video perfectly mirrors the song. It’s moody, sensual, and faintly crestfallen. Directed by Chris Weigen, the video flits between the Calabasas mountains and deserted Downtown LA streets. With the deserted city behind him, Benji Lewis seems to embrace the soft solitude as his vocals fill the empty space.

Stream the track everywhere HERE.


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