Hard In The Paint (DJ Fresh Direct Fountain Square Riot Edit) – Skrillex x Wacka Flocka

by erin - June 20, 2013

If you don’t know by now, I have a thing for DJ Fresh Direct edits and this one has an especially awesome back story. Fresh Direct gives us this new dubstep mashup, which he started off his DJ set with after the Hoodie Allen concert in Cincinnati on June 15th. The track brings the energy, and the 5,000 person crowd who raged that Saturday could probably agree. Check out what DJ Fresh Direct has to say.

At the end of Hoodie’s set, we transitioned into my DJ set as we always do. The event planners were not expecting the such turnout for the festival, and staffed the light-fence barricade with ONE police officer.

At the drop of the first song, the 5,000 person crowd pushed forward knocked over the water barrels and the barricade. The front of house engineer cut the sound, and they brought in police and fire department reinforcements to evacuate the park.

This was that first song.

Grab this one for free and see what kind of riots you can stir up at your house party this weekend.