Gorilla Symphony – Spaztik [Mixtape]

by nicolas - September 21, 2012

Interesting title for a mixtape, but newcomer Spaztik (you may know him as Kollection’s very own Max) delivers 13 tracks, composed of 39 different mashup sections, that total just under an hour. I want to preface this review by disclosing that I kept a unbiased approach to analyzing the mixtape, but I was pleased with what I was hearing. Is there room for improvement? Certainly, but I was digging the older samples that brought the funk. If you’re expecting a prevalence of EDM and recent electro samples, then you won’t be getting that. However, you will be getting them throwback samples that brings you back in the day and will have you trying to orchestrate your own classical symphony. With a style that is more reminiscent of White Panda instead of Girl Talk, Spaztik is an up-and-comer that caught my ear. Make sure to tweet him up and hit up his Facebook, and grab the download above.