Paris On Paris (MAKJ Mashup) – Kanye West & Jay-Z Vs. David Guetta

by Vanessa Palmer - (Contact) - September 6, 2011

A recent opener for Armin Van Buuren, DJ MAKJ has released some amazing bootlegs, remixes and mashies – but this one hits hard. He effortlessly combines instrumentals and select vocals from Kanye and Jay’s Throne jam “Nig*as in Paris” with Guetta’s new driving need-for-speed-esque (yes, coining crazy new slang) “Paris”, mixing the hip hop perfectly ... Listen & Download

Game Time Cinema (Cover) – Collin McLoughlin

by Chelsea Nice - (Contact) - September 6, 2011

Collin McLoughlin, no stranger to making awesome covers, is back at it again. His most recent cover is one of my personal favorites. He sings Gary Go’s lyrics from Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” over Zomboy’s “Game Time.” I love the fact that it’s half dubstep/half chill, satisfying your craving for both. Make sure to Kollect this ... Listen & Download

Winter Park Goblins – Yoni

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - September 3, 2011

Here’s the latest mashup from Yoni, the DJ/Mashup artist that we interviewed last week (dropping here on The Kollection soon!), blending together a lot of electro jams with some well known hits from Wayne, Britney, and others. After seeing Yoni live, I was blown away by this guys mixing talent – he really knows what ... Listen & Download

Sunset Season – DJ Trademark

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - September 2, 2011

Here’s a good mashup for your Friday night. DJ Trademark blends a lot of more mainstream pop on top of Madeon’s Shuriken. This mashup doesn’t stand out to me as being one of the best, simply because of the simplicity of the samples used, however I think Trademark’s production and transitions are professional and high ... Listen & Download

Paper Towels! – Kap Slap + Video

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - August 29, 2011

Kap Slap brings us a new treat for the week ahead, an insane new party mashup featuring Deadmau5, Britney, La Roux, and more. Definitely heavier than most mashups here on the K, but I can see this one hitting all the parties next weekend. Lots of pop on here, but most definitely worth a listen ... Listen & Download

Lay the Sunshine On Me (JRowe Mashup) – Big Sean & Kelly Rowland vs. Avicii & David Guetta

by Vanessa Palmer - (Contact) - August 25, 2011

The latest club hit collabo from phenom Avicii and house legend (too strong of a word?) David Guetta has gotten the mashup treatment from New Jersey mash artist, JRowe (Jeff Rowe). Kelly Roland’s vocals and Big Sean’s speedy flow work well over the “Sunshine” anthem, creating a friendly one-on-one party blend for your Thursday night! ... Listen & Download

The Killer Satisfaction – Yoni

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - August 19, 2011

It’s Friday night, time for a mashup to get things going! This is a new drop from Yoni that combines a lot of really interesting tracks. Starting with Avicii’s edit of Derezzed, throwing in some Katy Perry, The Killers, and more, The Killer Satisfaction is driving and a great party track. Take a listen, download ... Listen & Download

Beach House Parties at Night – Childz Play

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - August 6, 2011

Childz Play, a brand new mashup artist, is kicking off his career with some fire, Beach House Parties at Night. Blending Cudi, LMFAO, Sex Ray Vision, and Na Palm into a ridiculously catchy and upbeat party track, Childz Play has done a wonderful job on the production of this track. Take a listen and download ... Listen & Download