Beach House Parties at Night – Childz Play

by Brian - August 6, 2011

Childz Play, a brand new mashup artist, is kicking off his career with some fire, Beach House Parties at Night. Blending Cudi, LMFAO, Sex Ray Vision, and Na Palm into a ridiculously catchy and upbeat party track, Childz Play has done a wonderful job on the production of this track. Take a listen and download ... Listen & Download

Moment Over Nothing – Rob Resnick Mashup

by Brian - August 3, 2011

Drake versus Rebecca Black? I never thought I’d see the day. But here we are with a brand new mashup from Timeflies producer, Rob Resnick. This mashup is really well produced, creative, and catchy. My favorite mashup ever? Maybe not – but I appreciate the creativity and the guts to use a Rebecca Black sample. ... Listen & Download

Inspired by Rehab – 3LAU

by Brian - August 1, 2011

3LAU has been killing the mashup game recently. We helped to jumpstart his career back in May, but since then Justin Blau has gained more than 3,500 fans and shared some of the most popular mashups of all time here on the K. Inspired by Rehab is a tribute to Amy Winehouse, featuring Matisse & ... Listen & Download

Go – DJ Rudy

by Brian - July 30, 2011

Here’s a mashup for your Saturday night, Go, from DJ Rudy. The track is heavy for sure, bringing out all the electro guns and packing in some awesome vocals. This is a great party track, and a well-crafted mashup that crosses multiple genres and styles, making for an interesting listen. Take a listen and download ... Listen & Download

Taylor’s Beach House – Yoni

by Brian - July 28, 2011

Here’s the latest mashup from Yoni, blending Taylor Swift vocals with My Beach House from Sex Ray Vision. With a few other subtle instrumentals and vocals blended into this piece, the overall mashup is catchy and fun. Simple, yet with a complete feeling, Taylor’s Beach House can be downloaded for free above – enjoy!

Don’t Wanna Go Home (Remix) – Greg Golterman

by Brian - July 27, 2011

Here’s a catchy mashup from up-and-comer Greg Golterman. Blending hits from the likes of Perry, Ludacris, DeRulo, Dogg, and Rudolf, Don’t Wanna Go Home is upbeat and catchy – a perfect party mashup. If you’re a mashup person, take a listen and snag this one for free!

We Major – Kanye West ft. Nas (White Lotus Mashup)

by Brian - July 25, 2011

A mashup for your Monday, White Lotus takes Bittersweet Symphony and throws in some complimenting verses from Nas and West. This one is simple, yet well produced. Light, yet catchy. Take a listen and brighten your Monday!

Yacht Week in America – 3LAU [Mashup]

by Vanessa - July 18, 2011

Can’t forget about Mashup Monday! (A little late today, but hey it’s still only half past 10 Pacific time!) This is an energy-packed creation handed to us from 3LAU that doesn’t have that annoying Mashup vibe that I despise so much. Kollect this mash and jam out all through the week as you wait for ... Listen & Download