Fuck SeaWorld – Sir Michael Rocks (Official Music Video)

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - July 16, 2014

Here it is y’all. This is it. I present to you, the hip hop beef of the year. Sir Michael Rocks just called out Sea World and he did not hold back. Sir Michael Rocks has bars in the traditional sense. He goes in, gets his point across, and then gets his point across again. ... Listen & Download

Hippy Girl (Official Video) – John That

by Marisa Yang - (Contact) - July 8, 2014

It’s been over a year since we’ve featured John That on the Kollection for his brilliantly chill mixtape RadioSurfer, but now he makes his return with his first ever music video for his latest single, “Hippy Girl.” With reggae, pop, indie, and hip hop influences, John that creates a warm, summer sound in “Hippy Girl” ... Listen & Download

Alotta Smoke – OnCue (Video)

by Luca DelPiccolo - (Contact) - June 18, 2014

Kollection favorite OnCue has been releasing “alotta” new material lately, which has us really excited for what’s to come. Maybe it’s the fact that one of those recent releases was a song titled “AYM Coming Soon”, or maybe I am just feeling lucky, but Cuey’s new album Angry Young Man seems to be just around ... Listen & Download

Down On My Luck (Official Video) – Vic Mensa

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - May 12, 2014

Vic Mensa really impressed me with the release of “Down On My Luck” last week. Through this release, Vic explored a unique sound which differs greatly from traditional Chicago hip hop and the majority of Innanetape . Today, Vic brings us some “club banger” visuals to build upon the upbeat track. The video is- a) ... Listen & Download

Let’s Get Lost [Video] – G-Eazy Ft. Devon Baldwin

by Vanessa Palmer - (Contact) - April 29, 2014

G-Eazy is gearing up to release his debut album, These Things Happen, which looks like it’s going to be the release that officially puts him on the map as more than just a mixtape maker/Bay Area emcee success story. The below tracklist (released today) reveals that we’ll be hearing a lot of slick production from ... Listen & Download

Wine and Cheese – Dag Savage (Feat. Jimetta Rose)

by Mason Strehl - (Contact) - April 24, 2014

Following his legendary release with Blu, Give Me Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, producer Exile takes his next collaborative project to Johaz. The two of them collectively make up Dag Savage. The duo recently released an exceptional album, titled E&J, featuring the likes of Blu, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn, Co$$, Choosey and more. A while ... Listen & Download

Wear It Out – Eric Stone (Video)

by Dustin Trauernicht - (Contact) - February 18, 2014

Talking about music genres these days can easily become a complicated matter. Ask up-and-coming recording artist Eric Stone. The talented singer-songwriter has been on the rise with his recently released video Radio which offered a pop-heavy sound that proved to be aptly titled, conforming to modern-day trends in radio music. Just don’t make the mistake and connect ... Listen & Download

All The Way – Timeflies (Official Video)

by Dustin Trauernicht - (Contact) - February 18, 2014

Timeflies teased their brand new single “All The Way” last month with a lyric video, and now we get the official video for the first single off their upcoming album. Cal and Rez seem to have taken a more commercial approach with the new song, and due to their widely-spread success you can surely expect ... Listen & Download