Forcefield – Ravi Parikh (of Sex Ray Vision)

by Vanessa - November 10, 2011

Stanford student Ravi Parikh (aka 1/2 of the Sex Ray Vision powerhouse) has released his first solo track – it screams Sex Ray, but has a little more flare and punch to it. Driving and powerful, this will get anyone in the room amped for something BIG. Kollect on!

Let it Be – Blackmill Ft. Veela

by Vanessa - November 10, 2011

Remember the amazing Blackmill remix of Ellie’s “Your Song” cover? Yeah…well the genius Chillstep producer has struck again. I’ve been known to say the only wobble I like is a melodic one, and that’s what this UK producer achieves every single time. The vocals from Veela (?) are nice but just mediocre – it’s the […]

Dreams of Jupiter – Mr. Rogers Productions

by will - November 10, 2011

Another mashup for you, this one taking the song Drops of Jupiter by Train and adding in the vocals from the track Dreams by Game. I love this mashup because it is so creative, and the two songs work perfectly together. Mr. Rogers is mainly known for his mashups, but he also produces songs. Go […]

Drunk Off Your Love – Shwayze & Cisco Video

by Brian - November 10, 2011

Shwayze and co. dropped this video a couple days ago. I love Shwayze, and this video just embodies their feel-good vibe and easy going music. Take a peek and keep an eye out for future Shwayze & Cisco tracks!

Amazing – Jay Fresh

by Brian - November 9, 2011

Here’s a new treat from Jay Fresh, the first drop from his upcoming Delta Project. Using a Pretty Lights track, Jay goes in on this with an awesome flow and a great story. I love the lyrics, the vibe, and the way Jay seems to work so well with the instrumental. Take a listen and […]

Traction – The Foodchain Ft. Kenton Dunson

by Vanessa - November 9, 2011

This is a brand new track from Denver hiphop collective, The Foodchain, exclusively here on the Kollection. Soulful Kollection regular, Kenton Dunson, takes over the hook and a great verse, while the other men of the “chain” spit some intelligent rhymes. The beat is thick, as it took a minute for me to really enjoy […]

Bastoblast – Basic Physics & Yoni

by nicolas - November 9, 2011

When I got a hold of this track, I couldn’t tell you how stoked I was. Basic Physics & Yoni going in on the same track was going to be good…and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Basto’s Again and Again track, Rihanna’s We Found Love, and Porter Robinson’s Vandalism are the focal points of the track […]

Another World – Skizzy Mars

by Vanessa - November 8, 2011

Well this is an interesting new release that just popped up out of the blue! Skizzy creates something vastly different than we’ve heard before, and chances are it’ll take you a couple listens to vibe through it. It’s got a superfuturistic, electro-indie inspired feel [credit to the Chemical Brothers sample], and Skizzy’s immaturity comes through […]