Mashup Monday No. 40

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - January 30, 2012

I got lots of party tracks for ya (in my opinion). New stuff from Dotcom, DJ Rudy, (two guys I’m keeping my eye on for the future because I expect big things from them), an album preview track from Basic Physics, and a track from DJ Trademarks’ Clean Cuts EP, and a couple more. I ... Listen & Download

Since U Been Gone (Sex Ray Vision Remix) – Kelly Clarkson

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - January 27, 2012

It was just a matter of time until SRV met Kelly Clarkson again, this time taking on Since U Been Gone. I don’t think Sex Ray Vision overdid this one at all – they really found a good balance of keeping the original feel of the piece while also putting their style on the track. ... Listen & Download

Born to Feel Beef – The Jane Doze

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - January 27, 2012

Here’s a new mashup from the lovely Jane Doze. Slow, beautiful, and creative, I’m really enjoying this mashup. Lana Del Rey heads up the vocal department with bits and pieces of Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and of course Afrojack and Aoki’s No Beef. Great production, an awesome listen, and definitely a shake up to your usual ... Listen & Download

Mashup Monday No. 39

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - January 23, 2012

It’s Monday night which means a perfect time to listen to Mashup Monday to wind down or get the night started. I got some chill mashups and I got some party tracks. I got some classic samples and some new samples. Above all, I got the mashups that should be brought to your attention. U2 ... Listen & Download

Iz You Rollin’ – D.veloped

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - January 20, 2012

Jan. 27 – the expected release date for D.veloped’s Work : Party mixtape. Been waiting for this for awhile, and now D.veloped drops a simplified version of one section of the mixtape. “Iz You Rollin’” is a bass-heavy, electro infused hip-hop mash that will certainly rock the subs off your system. I’ve been told by ... Listen & Download

Fixing Titanium – Mashup Germany

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - January 18, 2012

Mashup Germany dropped this one a few days ago, and man, what a mashup. This is no party track or overplayed top-40 crap. Sure, it’s got Coldplay and Guetta, but put on top of Mika, with a touch of Elvis – it doesn’t get much more beautiful and relaxing than this. Beautiful production; I love ... Listen & Download


by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - January 17, 2012

I debated on whether or not I should add this track to yesterday’s Mashup Monday post, but (obviously) decided against it. Reasoning? It could be due to my love for Calvin Harris’ “Feels So Close”. It could be due to the fluidity of how Justin Timberlake sounds in combination with “Feels So Close”. Whatever it ... Listen & Download

Mashup Monday No. 38

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - January 16, 2012

It’s Monday, and we all know you’re looking for your mass dosage of mashups to get your week started right. Got some new artists for your listening pleasure – No Pets Allowed and Bars Deep. No Pets Allowed (NPA) creates a fun, and lyrically flowing, mashup that combines Lady Gaga and some Fall Out Boy ... Listen & Download