#icanteven (feat. French Montana) – The Neighborhood

by chelsea - November 22, 2014

At first glance, you’d think The Neigborhood was taking a stab at dramatic girls all across the Internet with the title of their latest track, ‘#icanteven’ featuring French Montana. This song features the familiar style of glazed-over vocals from The Neighborhood, expressing emotions over a relationship split apart by cheating, while French makes a quick […]

Wicket Youth – Sego

by Alexandria - November 19, 2014

Meet Sego, the band whose latest single “Wicket Youth” will without a doubt infiltrate your eardrums for the next few weeks. I think you’ll agree that the Los Angeles duo, Spencer Peterson and Thomas Carroll, brings forth the same spellbinding vibes found in the works of LCD Soundsystem and Bloc Party mixed with a dash […]

Paranoia – Max Frost

by Marisa - November 11, 2014

Since first listening “White Lies” last May, I have remained a huge fan of the immensely gifted Max Frost. After he released his Low High Low EP, the Austin native has just wrapped up a tour with Fitz and the Tantrums, kept the fans appeased with weekly covers on his Youtube page, and been working on his forthcoming full-length album. Off that […]

Wicked Ones – DOROTHY

by Alexandria - November 8, 2014

Remember when rock music used to be raw, manic, wickedly soulful and all around badass? Well that old school style is finally back thanks to the Los Angeles-based band, DOROTHY. While it seems the recent trend in music has been to decorate songs with bouncy, playful pop synths, DOROTHY is much too talented for those […]

Around the Bends – Osca

by Marisa - October 13, 2014

Over the past few months, London four-piece Osca been quietly dropped two standout singles, “Blood” and “Illume,” off their upcoming Blood EP that drops November 17th. These first releases have garnered a justifiably impressive amount of critical acclaim and blogger love. Their latest song, “Around the Bends,” follows suit, an inspiring feel-good indie-pop track that is stirring and soothing […]

Russ – Gypsy

by Dustin - September 12, 2014

“Be the product of your thoughts, not a product of the system.” Here is a new video from Russ with “Gypsy” – a single from his self-produced June album titled, ‘Silence’. Directed by Colm Dillane of Kid Super, this is a bohemian trip into the inner dimensions of a personal relationship. The video aims to […]

Kidnap Me – CRUISR

by chelsea - September 10, 2014

CRUISR was featured on The Kollection for the first time just a couple of weeks ago, although they have been around since 2012. With an updated name and a more polished sound, the band is back to launch themselves into the limelight with their upbeat pop sounds and addicting lyrics. This track ‘Kidnap Me’ is actually […]

Left Hand Free – Alt-J [Video]

by Vanessa - August 7, 2014

The always-wonderful and increasingly eclectic British trio Alt-J have released a casual yet suited video for latest single, “Left Hand Free” off the upcoming album, This is All Yours. The video epitomizes Summer, and follows a summertime crew as they frolic around town doing hood-rat things with their friends. It’s the kind of imagery that I always […]