Around the Bends – Osca

by Marisa - October 13, 2014

Over the past few months, London four-piece Osca been quietly dropped two standout singles, “Blood” and “Illume,” off their upcoming Blood EP that drops November 17th. These first releases have garnered a justifiably impressive amount of critical acclaim and blogger love. Their latest song, “Around the Bends,” follows suit, an inspiring feel-good indie-pop track that is stirring and soothing ... Listen & Download

Russ – Gypsy

by Dustin - September 12, 2014

“Be the product of your thoughts, not a product of the system.” Here is a new video from Russ with “Gypsy” – a single from his self-produced June album titled, ‘Silence’. Directed by Colm Dillane of Kid Super, this is a bohemian trip into the inner dimensions of a personal relationship. The video aims to ... Listen & Download

Kidnap Me – CRUISR

by chelsea - September 10, 2014

CRUISR was featured on The Kollection for the first time just a couple of weeks ago, although they have been around since 2012. With an updated name and a more polished sound, the band is back to launch themselves into the limelight with their upbeat pop sounds and addicting lyrics. This track ‘Kidnap Me’ is actually ... Listen & Download

Left Hand Free – Alt-J [Video]

by Vanessa - August 7, 2014

The always-wonderful and increasingly eclectic British trio Alt-J have released a casual yet suited video for latest single, “Left Hand Free” off the upcoming album, This is All Yours. The video epitomizes Summer, and follows a summertime crew as they frolic around town doing hood-rat things with their friends. It’s the kind of imagery that I always ... Listen & Download

The Villain – Mesita

by Vanessa - June 27, 2014

Colorado’s James Cooley has earned a permanent spot on my radar as Mesita, the outfit he performs under, with which he created this spectacularly devilish cut, “The Villain”. The track will serve as the first single of Cooley’s upcoming 5th album, Infinity Sky Deluxe, to be released this Fall. We’re greeted immediately with an abundance ... Listen & Download

Envy – Bel Heir

by Carolyn - June 9, 2014

Kollectors, you may want to be sitting down for this. “Envy” is the last single of the single-a-month campaign from Bel Heir. “Envy” speaks for itself, we envy those past months where we took Bel Heir’s singles for granted. But don’t fret because I am also the bearer of good news; Bel Heir is working ... Listen & Download

Never Gonna Let You Go – Jackson Breit

by Marisa - June 3, 2014

It’s always a good day when Jackson Breit gives us new music! I’ve been following his career for over a year now, and he’s one of the most consistent artists that I never get tired of hearing. Even after the release of his bad ass two-part Good Times and Bad Times EP earlier this year, he’s ... Listen & Download

Gates – SPEAK

by Marisa - May 28, 2014

The last we heard from Austin-based four-piece SPEAK was back in February, with their wintery, moody single, “This Much I Know.” Now the seasons have changed, and SPEAK gives us a completely different sound in “Gates,” one that sounds far more similar to the anthemic indie-rock of “Be Reasonable, Diane” or “Peaks.” With the distinct vocals and high-quality ... Listen & Download