Reflections (Video) – MisterWives

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

MisterWives’ soulful pop jams are enough to get anyone moving. Ever since their initial debut a couple of years ago, the band has been getting much stronger and gaining popularity around the globe. With a theme song for a popular MTV show, great covers of popular songs, and being on tour with Bleachers, you better hop on this bandwagon before ... Listen & Download

Soul – Atlas Bound

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

This stellar ‘Soul’ track from Sydney duo Atlas Bound is truly captivating. A very unconfined style of vocals that flow smoothly with the piano and light percussion makes for an upbeat and laid-back emotion that can transition perfectly from one season to the next. The self-proclaimed ‘Electronica Act’ know how to hit the nail on the ... Listen & Download

All Over – CRUISR

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

I think this is what ‘love at first listen’ feels like. One listen to CRUISR’s ‘All Over’ and a flurry of emotions struck me like a ton of bricks. Their sound reminds me of a blend between Smallpools, Bad Suns, and Last Dinosaurs, and it  may be my new favorite band on my radar. After Philadelphia ... Listen & Download

Gold – Chet Faker [Video]

by Vanessa - August 13, 2014

The fabulous Aussie that is Chet Faker has released a brand new video for his slow-burning “Gold” single, a favorite off his debut album Built on Glass. The cut is inspired by the idea of fluidity that runs rampant through much of Faker’s music, illustrated by three proficient rollerskating babes in a simple yet highly effective visual complement. If you’d like to ... Listen & Download

Make You Mine – William Bolton (feat. Empress)

by Dustin - July 18, 2014

“Sexy” is a relative term – one man’s baby makin’ music might be his girls soundtrack for a snoozefest. But there’s nothing subjective about this track. William Bolton (formerly Times New Roman) is here to ‘Make You Mine’ – and with these propositions he’s making a pretty compelling pitch. Coming as the first official single from ... Listen & Download

Don’t Tell – Mansions on the Moon

by Vanessa - July 17, 2014

I’ve been following Los Angeles quartet Mansions on the Moon since their 2011 Diplo/DJ Benzi-released Paradise Falls mixtape , and while they have kept the same lush harmonic sound, MOTM have refined their production and honed in on their mission statement as a band. “Don’t Tell” is their playful, Summer-ready synth-heavy tune that should get ... Listen & Download

On You – Chet Faker x GoldLink

by chelsea - July 15, 2014

This is a collaborating that is both somewhat unexpected and brilliant. GoldLink has exploded onto the music scene this past year, and is truly blossoming as an artist by exploring different styles and experimenting with his vocals. The collaboration with Chet Faker has offered them each a chance to step a little outside of their ... Listen & Download

Mother and Father – Broods [Video]

by Vanessa - July 15, 2014

New Zealand’s very own buzzing bro/sis duo Broods released a new video today, an elegant yet impassioned performance via a grayscale video treatment. The song itself signals notions of growing pains and the complicated thoughts and anxieties of the modern 20-something; a coming-of-age track, if you will. Chances are, you can identify and you will ... Listen & Download