Hello/Be with You Remix- Slow Magic

by Hannah - July 29, 2015

Wake up, y’all. Slow Magic is back at it with more chillstep, but this time, it’s a remix. “Hello/Be With You” is a fun number that includes airy sounds and the necessary drop… all of which mixes together to create this track. While listening to it, sit back and imagine yourself hanging out in the […]

Aftergold- Big Wild

by Hannah - May 15, 2015

Following ODESZA’S announcement (last month) of a haven for producers similar to themselves, called Foreign Family Collective, Big Wild released this new track under the Foreign Family Collective label, and it has taken off. Keeping with the ODESZA feel, “Aftergold” is a mix of chillstep, beats and synth that make you fall in love with […]

Rituals – Maribou State

by Hannah - March 12, 2015

If you haven’t heard of Maribou State, and you’re into chillstep, you NEED to listen to this track. Released about a month back, “Rituals” reminds listeners of what it’s like to hit the clubs in the late summer. So, if in the middle of the winter chill, you’re looking for some summer vibes, you came […]

Weekend – Mocki (Jai Wolf Remix)

by Emilio Schadt - February 5, 2015

New York City native Sajeeb (AKA Jai Wolf), has been dropping killer remixes all year. Jai Wolf’s remix of “Weekend” provides the ear with fresh female vocals, relaxing melodies, and the perfect amount of bass. This is the perfect song to bump while you’re cruising with your friends. “Weekend” is definitely a song you want to […]

Ode to Adnan (Serial Podcast) – Jackson Breit

by Marisa - December 31, 2014

Calling all Serial fans – Kollection homie Jackson Breit has just shared his latest single dedicated to the highly addictive and wildly popular investigatory podcast that everyone’s been talking about lately. Any fan of the podcast will immediately recognize the distinctive sounds of the Serial intro – and, like the podcast, Breit’ vocals will quickly have you hooked. As […]

The Oblivion (EP) – Dionysus

by Hannah - September 16, 2014

Check it out! We’ve seen some of Dionysus on the K here before, but the duo released an EP earlier this month. After speaking shortly with Chris and Francis about their work, the background on The Oblivion can be summed up in the following paragraph: The Oblivion EP has been in the works for over a year now, […]

Heart (PKeys Quick Flip) – CRNKN

by Hannah - September 14, 2014

I.AM.OB-SESSED with this song. And if you listen to it, although its short, you will be too. We’ve featured a few other CRNKN tracks on here before, but this one is BY FAR my favorite. So I’ll just leave this here….

Low End – Five & A Dime

by Dustin Trauernicht - September 5, 2014

Philadelphia producer Gregory Kantor, also known as 5 & A Dime, made a steady breakthrough in the mashup genre that has become popularized and over saturated within the last five years. Keeping with his distinct synthesizer melodies and overpowering bass drops we’re now finding us on the receiving end of originals while Greg leaves the mashup tracks in […]