Don’t Know How – Ifan Dafydd & Catching Flies

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - August 16, 2013

Kudos to fellow Kollection writer, Alexandria, for putting me on to Ifan Dafydd‘s new track, “Don’t Know How” — as it’s a mesmerizing piece of work. Ifan, hailing from Wales, teams up with fellow UK artist Catching Flies, and creates something that is highlighted by varying pitched vocals, light drum work, and hazy synth chords. ... Listen & Download

Tessellate (Alt-J Cover) – Ellie Goulding

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - May 28, 2013

When you start your day with a new Ellie Goulding song, whether it be an original or a cover…well you know it’s going to be a good day. Choosing to cover Alt-J’s alternative rock gem “Tessellate” (hear above), this British beauty has given it a rather major overhaul. Employing a producer that is well-known and loved ... Listen & Download

Higher Than The Sky [EP] – Stars Above

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - May 21, 2013

While a 2 track EP may seem like a small project, Stars Above demonstrates how even a small project can have a big impact. With Higher than the Sky relying on its assortment of musical elements to draw us in with each passing moment, Stars Above emphasizes an elegance that differentiates itself from the typical sounds ... Listen & Download

Deleted – Marcato Republic

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - April 24, 2013

I don’t post much hip-hop, but I had previously heard of Johnny Astro from his “Goodnight America” that samples Adele. While “Goodnight America” is a more relaxed and introspective track, Johnny and his fellow Marcato Republic members turn up the energy and create a solid hip-hop banger. With production that isn’t too crazy and focuses ... Listen & Download

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) – Backstreet Boys

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - April 22, 2013

Talk about a throwback, and one that Ryan Hemsworth knocks out of the park. Taking the Backstreet Boys and giving them a more modern/indie electronic spin, Ryan certainly puts his own flair on this remix. With an uptempo styling, and filled with super quick claps and deep drum kicks, Hemsworth gives you an excuse to ... Listen & Download

Undressed (Oliver Nelson Remix) – Kim Cesarion

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - April 17, 2013

Now this is a fun nu-disco remix by Oliver Nelson. Crafted for Kim Cesarion’s “Undressed”, Oliver spices up the track with an infusion of electro pop synths and disco flair that makes this track well-suited for those neon 80′s inspired dance parties (theme party anyone?). Maintaining Swedish Cesarion’s R&B stylized vocals, Nelson does a fine ... Listen & Download

“Poison” ft. Dems & “No One Else” ft. Until The Ribbon Breaks – BURNS

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - April 13, 2013

Double dose from producer, BURNS, today. First up is his “Poison” track with personal favorite Dems, followed by “No One Else” with Until The Ribbon Breaks. “Poison” is an extremely melodic and bubbly song that is filled with undulating musical swells and on-point vocal work by Dan Moss (of Dems). Once the tempo quickens just after ... Listen & Download

MTI (TWRK Remix) – Koreless

by Nicolas Gutierrez - (Contact) - April 12, 2013

Trap, it’s what’s everyone is getting into these days. Today’s serving is provided to us by new and practically unknown artist TWRK. Having grabbed Koreless‘ extremely upbeat “MTI”, TWRK revamps the original to the 100 BPM range and infuses it with typical trap stylings. By slowing down the rhythm of “MTI”, TWRK make the track ... Listen & Download