Reflections (Video) – MisterWives

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

MisterWives’ soulful pop jams are enough to get anyone moving. Ever since their initial debut a couple of years ago, the band has been getting much stronger and gaining popularity around the globe. With a theme song for a popular MTV show, great covers of popular songs, and being on tour with Bleachers, you better hop on this bandwagon before ... Listen & Download

For You (Remix) – Lais ft. Skizzy Mars

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

Skizzy vibes coming in strong with this moody hip hop track featuring Lais, the newest member of the Penthouse Music collective. This track ‘For You’ is equivalent to the sensual tunes that Skizzy has been releasing lately, a la ‘Come Over’ & ‘Lucy (Olivver Remix)’, and with the collaboration with Lais, we can only assume that even better works ... Listen & Download

Soul – Atlas Bound

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

This stellar ‘Soul’ track from Sydney duo Atlas Bound is truly captivating. A very unconfined style of vocals that flow smoothly with the piano and light percussion makes for an upbeat and laid-back emotion that can transition perfectly from one season to the next. The self-proclaimed ‘Electronica Act’ know how to hit the nail on the ... Listen & Download

All Over – CRUISR

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

I think this is what ‘love at first listen’ feels like. One listen to CRUISR’s ‘All Over’ and a flurry of emotions struck me like a ton of bricks. Their sound reminds me of a blend between Smallpools, Bad Suns, and Last Dinosaurs, and it  may be my new favorite band on my radar. After Philadelphia ... Listen & Download

I Arise Because (Prod. by Ducko Mcfli & JGramm Beats) – Danny Seth

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

I have an inclination for rappers with accents, but Danny Seth is in his own league. ‘I Arise Because’ is a standout track from his upcoming mixtape titled Perception, and is produced by JGramm Beat & Ducko Mcfli, both experienced in production for rap’s biggest artists (Drake, 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka). Danny spoke with Hypetrak about his upcoming project, ... Listen & Download

Driving Ms. Daisy – Logic feat. Childish Gambino (produced by Logic)

by chelsea - August 28, 2014

He’s baaaack. Since announcing his relationship and deal with Def Jam, Logic has been quietly working on his upcoming album, teasing us along the way of the greatness that is to come. After playing hard to get with his new music, he drops this little gem featuring the animated rapper Childish Gambino titled ‘Driving Ms. Daisy.’ We don’t see a ... Listen & Download

Movie (Video) – Hoodie Allen

by chelsea - August 25, 2014

I can’t say enough great things about Hoodie Allen. His work ethic is extremely persistent, his creativity is constantly brewing something innovative and fresh, and his dedication to the fans hasn’t changed since Day 1. Today he released the song (produced by RJF & Parrish Warrington) and video for ‘Movie’ (directed by Jackson Adams), & it’s level of creativity is as visually ... Listen & Download

Come Over – Skizzy Mars

by chelsea - August 15, 2014

We’ve enjoyed watching Skizzy Mars progress musically over the past few years, and every time he releases a new song, there’s a new element that seems to shift his sound in a positive direction. Since his heavy-hitting beginnings with ‘Douchebag,’ ‘Profound,’ and ‘Sirens,’ Skizzy has taken a more melodic and (dare I say) indie approach to his ... Listen & Download