Image Is Nothing – Trey Palms

by Dustin Trauernicht - November 5, 2014

It’s official: we are finally seeing another long-awaited return from Trey Palms, who made waves as far back as 2010 when he released a song featuring Timeflies, which resulted after being asked to collaborate to help CAL AND REZ get blog attention. Eight months ago, Trey hit the ground running with the song “Back Of My Mind” that spread quickly throughout the internet […]

Move On – Trey Palms

by chelsea - June 11, 2013

Trey Palms has graced the pages of The Kollection a few times before, each time bringing something fresh and new to the table. This time around we have ‘Move On’ featuring Raja, which feature’s Trey’s usual passionate story telling on top of some carefully crafted beats. The guitars featured at the conclusion of the song […]

Rocky Balboa – Trey Palms

by chelsea - October 22, 2012

The first thing I thought when I heard Trey Palms’ music was that he was a Black rapper. Can’t decide if that’s stereotypical or a compliment in terms of skill in the hip hop realm, but let’s call it a compliment. Especially for Trey Palms coming back from a short break from music making, this […]

Miss You – Trey Palms

by mattc - June 24, 2012

After a bit of an absence from Mr. Palms, he comes strong with a powerful new release guaranteed to get those tear ducts going. Remixing a Frank Ocean song (and keeping Ocean on the hook) was a smart move on Trey’s part – Ocean alone can touch on some pretty deep messages in his music. […]

Hangover – Trey Palms

by mattc - September 30, 2011

The last time Trey Palms was featured on The K was almost one year ago, when he did a collab with Timeflies! That’s clearly too long for an artist with this much talent! Palms recently dropped his sophomore mixtape Not too Far Away, and this track really stood out to me. Trey has really matured […]

In Your Eyes – Trey Palms ft. Timeflies

by Brian - November 9, 2010

These guys sent over this song, In Your Eyes, this morning, and I’m very impressed with what I’m hearing. Trey Palms and Timeflies do an amazing job creating a fast paced, yet laid back, synth and rap track. I love the way the background synth seems to constantly be speeding up and slowing down, fitting […]