Turn Me Loud (Video) – SOL

by chelsea - November 26, 2013

I’ve always admired the artistry that SOL incorporates into his music, whether it’s his pre-world travel repertoire of impeccable and rousing tunes or his recent collection of music that has a different source of inspiration that is all the while thought provoking. ‘Turn Me Loud’ is the Seattle native’s latest visual treat featured on his […]

Tomorrow (ft. Shayhan) – SOL

by luca - August 27, 2013

Seattle rapper SOL is back again with his second release off of his upcoming album Eyes Open. He took a hiatus for a while, traveling the globe and helping out in other countries. This time away seems to have helped his music out, as he returns with his usual style and clean production.  His verses […]

Tacos on Broadway EP – Brothers From Another

by chelsea - July 16, 2013

We last featured Brothers From Another here on The K back in May with their summer concoction of a track titled ‘Groov‘ featuring Asher Roth. Although this EP was released about 20 days ago, it still deserved to be heard. Tacos on Broadway is a collection of feel-good hip hop, and has features from the […]

Dope (prod. by The Zillas) – Sol

by chelsea - April 2, 2013

Closing in on his 10-month journey around the world, Sol drops this track to hold us over until he return home – hopefully with a few tricks up his sleeve since his absence. Produced by The Zillas (Nima Skeemz & Elan Wright), the instrumental style curated for Sol seems to have a more worldly vibe […]

Artist Spotlight – SOL

by chelsea - February 18, 2013

Seattle rapper and world-traveler SOL has been a Kollection favorite for some time now, and there has been a lot going on in his life that may not be apparent to the masses. So naturally we decided to pry a little bit into the world of SOL and feature him for our second Artist Spotlight! […]

Sometime in April – Sol

by Brian - January 24, 2013

Sol is on his way back! SIA explores the current duality of my life, split between the places I’ve traveled to and my life back home in Seattle. The title of the song is a reference and announcement that I will finally be returning back to the United States in April after completing this 10 […]

Vanessa’s Top 10 of 2012

by Vanessa - January 3, 2013

Being the procrastinator that I am (and hating the task of limiting the year’s gems to 10), I’m one of the last to compile a Top 10 list. It is likely due to this fact that I am left with no choice but to not repeat previous titles from the other Top 10 lists, as […]

Old Him (Prod. by The Zillas) – Sol

by Brian - October 15, 2012

Here’s some brand new hip hop from Sol, with wonderful lyrics, production and instrumentals. As described by Sol himself: Here is “Old Him”, a song produced by my Zillas (Elan Wright & Nima Skeemz) 8,000 miles away back home in Seattle, written while on the night train to Bangalore, India, and recorded in Chennai, Tamil […]