Artist Spotlight: Lonesome Ghost

by james - April 25, 2013

The Dallas based up-and-coming beach rock group, Lonesome Ghost, are a group I have been wanting to shed some spotlight on for a while now. They consist of four guys: Matt Callison, Trevor Scott, Tanner Robertson, and Dillon Randolph. Currently they have released one EP, None of These Songs are About You or Anyone You […]

Never Changed – Lonesome Ghost

by jonsouthard - October 4, 2012

If you like vibey guitar riffs and mesmerizing lyrics, than you’re going to love Lonesome Ghost. They started out as 3 childhood schoolmates: Matt Callison, Trevor Scott, and Tanner Robertson, and now the Dallas raised band is rapidly gaining popularity in the the lo-fi beach rock community. Lonesome Ghost have released a couple follow up songs […]