Tongues – Joywave ft. KOPPS

by kylemoore - April 15, 2013

Seven hours ago I discovered Joywave and I haven’t stopped listening to him. ‘Tongues’ is the song that put them on my radar and just in time for the release of their latest mixtape, 88888. This is an amazing example of electronic pop.

Mourning Sex (feat. Joywave) – KOPPS

by dalton - October 8, 2012

Yeah… So… Kopps… Mourning Sex is a track we should all include in our October playlists- Beginning with eerie echoes of a generic Halloween album. Then, immediately it drops. We are then seduced by lyrics of intoxication. Skin, body, and sensuality compose the following sequence. When you delve into the ripeness of this track you […]