Sanctified (ft. Kanye West & Big Sean) – Rick Ross

by Luca DelPiccolo - (Contact) - February 28, 2014

While this week really belongs to Schoolboy Q (go download Oxymoron if you haven’t already), people have been trying their hardest to take it away from him. This song has now been shuffling around my radars for the past couple of days after Rick Ross put up the stream for his upcoming album Mastermind. “Sanctified” ... Listen & Download

Drunk In Love (ft. Kanye West & Jay Z) – Beyoncé

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - February 17, 2014

Well if this just isn’t the craziest powerhouse of musical talent on one track, I don’t know what is. Kanye decided to jump in here on the original, adding his own flavor to the already-popular Beyoncé and Jay Z hit, mixing a few things up in the track along the way. Grab the free download ... Listen & Download

Atlas Hands (DJ AA Bootleg) – Thomas Jack, Kanye West, & Benjamin Francis Leftwich

by Mason Strehl - (Contact) - December 8, 2013

I’m off and on with mashups, they have to be really really good for me to vibe to them. Today, on my mandatory two hours a day I spend on SoundCloud exploring, I stumbled upon this gem. This DJ AA gem falls in that really really good mashup category and I couldn’t resist the post. ... Listen & Download

Bound 2 (Cookin Soul Remix) – Kanye West

by Brian Lovin - (Contact) - November 26, 2013

After Seth Rogen and James Franco flipped the internet on its head yesterday with their “Bound 3” remix, I thought it only fitting to share Cookin Soul‘s remix to Kanye’s hit. This remix has been sitting on my backburner for a couple days, but I keep returning to it again and again in lieu of ... Listen & Download

Mashup Monday No. 74

by Hannah Lowry - (Contact) - November 18, 2013

This week, we’ve got a list of six mashups for you, and none of them are less than the best. Let’s check it out. First up, we have the latest from the Jane Doze. This hyped up trap and house mashup is sure to fulfill your need of multiple house artists. The Jane Doze took ... Listen & Download

Throwback Thursday Vol.15

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - October 10, 2013

In honor of Kanye West’s ranting last night and the girl who quit her job while blasting the first track on this weeks playlist, the 15th volume ofThrowback Thursday is 50% Yeezus themed. Every odd numbered track on the playlist is some sort of Kanye related throwback, whether that be a filthy dubstep remix or ... Listen & Download

Hold My Liquor – Lorde (Kanye West Cover)

by Tyler Bradley - (Contact) - September 11, 2013

The Lorde buzz just keeps building and it’s no surprise. So I’m going to keep feeding the buzz with Ella’s recent cover of Kanye West’s “Hold My Liquor.” Yes, Lorde has now covered Yeezy. The 16-year-old cannot be stopped and her haunting take on Mr. West’s track is just too good to pass up. My only complaint ... Listen & Download

Throwback Thursday Vol.10

by Kian McHugh - (Contact) - August 22, 2013

I am honored to announce that today is the tenth edition of Throwback Thursday and the playlists just keep coming. Each week I delve deeper and deeper into my library to bring you the best of the best- some weeks it is much easier to uncover gems than others. This week I hit the gold ... Listen & Download