Let Nas Down Remix Ft. Nas – J. Cole

by djsutton - June 23, 2013

What an awesome day for hip-hop. One of my favorite tracks from Cole’s recent release, Born Sinner, is “Let Nas Down,” a tale by Cole about how the quest for a radio single ended up losing the respect of one of his main idols, Nas. On the track, J. Cole raps,  “Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote […]

Jodeci Freestyle ft J. Cole – Drake

by luca - June 22, 2013

Overnight, Drake put up four unreleased songs on his Octobers Very Own website. One of the tracks is a freestyle featuring Mr. Born Sinner himself, and the two both spit great verses. The song is full of boasting and bragging, but backed up by solid lyricism and impressive freestyles. Drake also revealed his album release […]

Born Sinner (Full Album Stream) – J. Cole

by Uday - June 11, 2013

“Born Sinner” – Spotify “Born Sinner” – Rdio It’s finally here. J. Cole returns with his sophomore follow up to “Cole World – The Sideline Story”. In a few days, J. Cole will officially release “Born Sinner”, but due to an album leak, J. Cole had posted the entire album for free streaming. Now with […]

Forbidden Fruit ft. Kendrick Lamar – J. Cole

by Uday - June 8, 2013

J. Cole is back it again with a new track from Born Sinner. With J. Cole sampling A Tribe Called Quest, the track has a very mellow feel similar to the J. Cole’s Truly Yours EP. It’s unfortunate Kendrick Lamar only has the hook as it would be cool to get a sample of J. […]

Power Trip Cover (Kyle Armillotti Cover) – J. Cole feat. Miguel

by erin - June 5, 2013

If you’ve been to a Hoodie Allen concert (a favorite artist on The K), then you are probably already familiar with Kyle Armillotti (occasionally goes by Kyle Anthony), who plays guitar during Hoodie’s live sets. Kyle dabbles in lyrics and production, but his most recent release is this rap/rock cover of J. Cole’s track “Power Trip […]

Crooked Smile feat. TLC – J. Cole

by andrewburrows - June 4, 2013

J. Cole has just released yet another record from the upcoming album Born Sinner. Cole continues to build hype for the June 18th release, and “Crooked Smile” will definitely help him do so. The song boasts a TLC feature, which I’m really digging. The backing vocals from TLC and the positive lyrics make this song […]

N****z Know – J. Cole

by andrewburrows - May 31, 2013

Just yesterday, J. Cole released the second single from his upcoming album, Born Sinner. On the song Cole talks of recent success, while taking some time to address those who doubt him. At times the lyrics are confrontational, expressing a determination to solidify his place in hip hop. The song also discusses Cole’s experience with […]

Get Free ColeWorld – J.Cole x Major Lazer

by max - September 27, 2012

Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes either. J. Cole hopping on Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’ is one of those songs that just HAS to be good. This dudes been doing work lately and it’s good to see him finally getting the recognition he deserves since ‘The Come Up’ back in ’07 (Green Ranger verse is […]