Feel The Love (Prod. by RJF) – Hoodie Allen

by chelsea - August 27, 2012

Ever since Hoodie’s latest release of Hey Now, I’ve been waiting to see what else he had in store. Feel The Love, produced by RRR JAYYY (RJF- Hoodie’s producer), is an ode to the fans as a ‘Thank You’ for all of the support shown over the past few years of Hoodie’s journey. Show your ... Listen & Download

No Faith In Brooklyn (Keljet Remix) – Hoodie Allen

by Brian - August 23, 2012

Keljet is a new artist on my radar with this bubbly indie-pop remix to Hoodie Allen’s No Faith in Brooklyn. The remix has a wonderful feel, uplifting and light-hearted, which I feel is a great new style to add to the original track. Hoodie’s vocals fit perfectly over the fast-paced instrumental, an interesting new sound ... Listen & Download

Hey Now (Prod. by Something Silent) – Hoodie Allen

by Vanessa - July 30, 2012

Kollection veteran and All American creator, Hoodie Allen, surprises us with a little banger today that was left off the recently released #1 iTunes album. Always looking out for his fans, Hoodie wanted to release this one for free and we should be grateful for this rising star’s generosity. “Hey Now” is that quintessential, smart ... Listen & Download

No Faith in Brooklyn Video + All American EP – Hoodie Allen

by Vanessa - April 11, 2012

Thousands of Hoodie “mob” members have been counting down to this release, and we at the Kollection have, too. As you wake this morning, you’ll notice that the man is currently holding the #1 album spot on iTunes overall. That is incredible; a testament to the power of true fans and the payoff of an ... Listen & Download

No Interruption – Hoodie Allen Video

by Vanessa - March 29, 2012

Whoa, whoa. Hey Hoodie! Back with a brand new video from the upcoming Worldwide-Twitter-trending-worthy EP, All American, Hoodie Allen enters the scene again and there’s no interrupting him. Straight forward lyricism is wrapped up nicely in this catchy, aesthetically pleasing package – and if this is a taste of what may appear on the new ... Listen & Download

Moon Bounce (Brenton Duvall’s Hotel Drum Refix) – Hoodie Allen

by Vanessa - March 27, 2012

A little snare here and there, and you have Brenton Duvalls‘ new Hoodie remix, which he apparently whipped up in his hotel room. It doesn’t stray too far from Markowitz’ Leap Year original, but that’s in good taste – that was an ambitious track to begin with. Here, we get the best of both worlds ... Listen & Download

Rock the Show – Zak Downtown (Ft.Hoodie Allen)

by Joseph - November 28, 2011

Zak Downtown links up with Hoodie Allen to infuse similar rapping styles. Both artists have a “hip-pop” style that seems to be working well for them, a bit surprised this is their first collaboration. You’ll be seeing this one on Zak’s upcoming mixtape Downtown Delinquents due out December 1st.

James Franco – Hoodie Allen + Video

by Vanessa - October 27, 2011

Well if this isn’t just the silliest little compilation of Franco faces I’ve ever seen! Hoodie just dropped the official “James Franco” video (after so kindly asking fans which Leap Year track they wanted visuals for) and it will leave you giggling all the way through. Steven’s sarcastic and witty personality really pops, as he ... Listen & Download