Big Wild Tour Coverage

by Hannah - October 26, 2015

Stop what you’re doing right now, and buy a ticket to go see Big Wild. That may have sounded like an over-exaggeration, but nay, it is not. If you like chillstep, dubstep, a good scene, ambiance, and dancing, you shouldn’t be anywhere else than front and center at a Big Wild show. When Jackson, from […]

Workout Wednesday No.24

by justin - October 30, 2013

Another week, another amazing round of tunes for your workout playlist. Brought to you by MVEMNT, we’ve got you covered with a free, downloadable mix as well as the full 16-track playlist. Get your sweat on and Kollect this mix!

Rebel Era – GRiZ

by james - October 23, 2013

Last week, GRiZ dropped a brand new album, Rebel Era, filled with 11 funk infused, bass heavy, sample based glitch hop tracks that are sure to please. The first track on the album, Gettin’ Live, was released a little while back as a teaser for the album featuring some creative sample’s from Django, the rest […]

Heartbeat (GRiZ Bootleg Remix) – Childish Gambino

by Hannah - October 3, 2013

Check it out, y’all. GRiZ has done a fantastic remix of Childish Gambino’s “Heartbeat”, and he’s giving it to you for free. GRiZ splices and dices “Heartbeat” into a whole new song, but don’t worry, you don’t lose Donald Glover’s smooth rhymes in the transformation. Listen to it once through, you’ll still be able to […]

Gettin’ Live – GRiZ

by james - April 10, 2013

As soon as I went and saw Django in theaters I knew this song was destined for remix greatness and someone has finally done it justice. Griz gives it the perfect facelift with his choppy, funky, glitch hop sound. His sampling, transitions from one section to the next, as well as his frequent use of […]

Power – Big Gigantic x GRiZ

by james - December 11, 2012

Where glitch meets funk meets saxophone is somewhere around where this new track lies. Big Gigantic and GRiZ come together for a brilliant collaboration of sounds that I am surprised has not happened more creating a high energy tune fit for any dancing occasion. They both like to give away their works and that is […]

Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom – Grizmatik

by Vanessa - December 5, 2012

Griz + Gramatik = Grizmatik. As the artists state on their new Facebook page: “Gramatik & Griz teamed up to show you how to weaponize the Uranium and cause Electro Soul devastation.” Ok. Pretty simple. Press play and you’ll think the decision is pretty great. Their debut collaborative release is more than appropriate, combining some […]

Du Du Doo (Griz Remix) – Two Fresh

by james - October 31, 2012

A little funky, a little hard, and always right, Griz has an undeniable bounce and feel to every one of his productions. This one steers a little more towards a melodic feel, which I’m not complaining about, but still contains sections where things get a little intense. All in all, it’s one of the best […]